This is not a secret that companies that sell goods and services online are in a sharp need of multiple account registration. It seems so easy to work online, but not everyone understands the difficulties that can arise while leading business online.

Registration of an account is connected with authentication. A short code is sent via a message on the phone directory that you have specified. The authentication code is obligatory when a person registers:

  • on a social media;
  • e-mail address;
  • in a messaging application;
  • on a website etc.

You will not be able to create an account without being authenticated. The main issue is that one account can be registered from one phone directory.

Online SIM companies provide businesses with virtual numbers. Online directories work as usual SIMs, but you do not need a phone to insert them. Thankfully to them you can endlessly receive virtual SMS and create as many accounts as you need.

The main thing is to choose a reputable online SIM provider. Such a provider will:

  • guarantee you protection;
  • have multiple numbers from various countries;
  • provide free trials;
  • deliver authentication messages quickly;
  • offer refunds;
  • work 24/7.

Then you will have to register and replenish your balance (if the service you have chosen is a paid one). Choose the country you need and the corresponding virtual directory (temporary SMS number or numb for rent). After this, you can bravely go to the platform you need and start registration. When the platform asks you for your number, simply copy it from your online SIM provider.

Next, you will receive the verification message. Copy it back on the platform and you are done!

There are free and paid companies. Free virtual SIM services unfortunately cannot boast a high protection level or a good choice of countries, neither a prompt delivery time. To make your search more sufficient, take a look at these 2 best services. One of them is free and the other one is paid.

FreeOnlinePhone offers virtual directories from more than 228 countries. This company’s customer support works around the clock, so you can contact it at any time. However, its name talks for itself: it is a free service, thus, you know all the possible consequences.


This accommodation offers a high protection level. It owns 10,000+ online numbs in 30+ countries. You can try their service for free and then choose from tariffs per website or for rent. The authentication codes come in promptly. In case anything goes wrong, friendly client support is available 24/7 to resolve any problems.