Tips to follow when Buying Mobile Phone

Cell phone is no longer a device that you just use to talk or text. It is much more than that in the present day. It is all in one device that caters all your needs for the day like clicking snaps on a holiday if you do not own a camera, send emails and documents urgently to your boss at any time when you do not have access to a computer, your music player when you do not have an iPod and the list goes on. When it is such an important device and an important part of your life, you can’t just buy any phone. You need to carefully select the best one that caters your needs.


Follow these simple tips that guide you on buying a good cell phone.

  1. Choose the best carrier- Carriers of your phone determine the coverage and cell quality widely. The carriers will tell you that your phone is perfect, so it is better to ask your friends or neighbors and co-workers as to which carrier has the best coverage where you reside or work.
  2. Battery- The phone you choose should have a good battery life as a dead phone is no phone at all, so look out for mobiles with good battery capacity and also battery life. Choose the one with good “continuous talk time” rating.
  3.  Speaker test- Test the phone’s speaker. You can do this with a demo phone at the store. Buy it only if the speaker quality is good after you test it.
  4. Take a hands-off approach when driving-Several states now require using a hands free kit in your car. It is a safety measure taken to prevent accidents. Try to find a phone with Bluetooth wireless capability. For a car phone, look for speaker with independent voice command so that you do not have to touch the phone to dial a number.
  5. Keep an eye out for your plan- Your phone’s base plan might not include IM, picture messaging, email access or rural calling. If you need them then make sure it is included.
  6. Shop in person, but buy online- This is good for you as when you check the phones in person you get to know all the features clearly. But buy the desired model online as you might get good deals on online websites like You can buy them for a lot lesser this way than buying it in stores with no deals of any kind.
  7. Lock yourself in- advertised, low price for phones might require you to sign a new two year contract. So, the read the fine print to find the cost for a new phone with 1 year contract. If you do not wish to sign a contract then check out non-commitment phones like AT&T’S Go Phone or Virgin mobile’s prepaid service.
  8. Consider a family plan-Family plans are the best deals for couples or families with multiple phones. You can save a lot of money and share a bucket of minutes.
  9. Get the right bands for your trips-If you travel between US cities then it is best for you to have a phone with both 850 and 1900 Mhz bands for best coverage. I f you travel in the rural USA get a phone with analog band or if you fly abroad regularly get a world phone with 1800 MHz band.
  10.   Do not be afraid to give it back-Most carriers’ offer a 15 day trial period. Use your phone extensively during this time. If you are not satisfied with any feature of the phone like battery or sound or dead areas, return it and get a new one.


Consider all these tips before you buy a phone so that you find the best one of all.