Choose  Varta for  good quality batteries

If you have a house full of electrical equipment and hundreds of kids’ toys that seem to greedily eat batteries, you might be interested to find out which batteries will actually serve you best. With well-known brands such as Duracell, Varta and Energizer all claiming to be the ‘best in show’ it can be confusing trying decide which make of battery is best for your needs. We put Varta to the test to see if it stands up to what its people pledge.

Varta has a over a hundred years’ experience in providing domestic batteries, having established the brand back in 1904 in Germany. Over the years company ownership has changed hands a few times but the name is still recognised as a major player in the battery market. Possibly most well known for its car battery range, the consumer battery choice available is thought to be just as high in quality as the automotive selection.


The range

The Varta range covers the usual sizes such as AA, AAA and C size, as well as offering less obvious sizes such as nine volt and Lithium options. They also come in packs of various sizes too, with the usual packs of four or eight alongside larger industrial packs containing up to 20 batteries. We test out its Ultra Alkaline offering.

When tested against a range of other domestic batteries, the Varta brand did turn out to be one of the better performers, even when used in a variety of high energy items such as game consoles and controllers. This promising performance could be thanks to the battery’s Alkaline base. During the research Alkaline batteries often seemed to outperform other batteries and during tests it did seem that Varta were one of the best, offering a good deal of power over a longer length of time than most general batteries.

Added expense?

However, Alkaline batteries are often regarded as an expensive choice within the battery market and with recent developments in the Telegraph claiming the price of batteries is set to rise thanks to a lack of recycling, it seems that Alkaline batteries will only get more expensive. But Varta seem to be one of the slightly cheaper Alkaline battery brands, meaning by switching to Varta batteries means getting the power without the crazy price tag.

On further investigation Varta batteries are revealed to be good in all sorts of appliances, from remote controls and clocks to hand held consoles, cameras and battery operated toys – perfect for a battery orientated home. The final verdict? If you have a number of high drain devices and want decent power on a budget then Varta are for you. And do not forget to recycle your old batteries, of course.