Top 5 Racing Games for iOS and Android

Do you really love to play racing games on your smartphones, if yes, then we selected top 5 racing games for iOS and Android from the arcade games with jumps and guns.

  1. Asphalt 8

Platform: iOS / Android / Windows Phone

Price: Free-to-play

Developer: Gameloft

Requirements: at least 1 GB of free space

If you are racing freaks, then you would be acknowledged with Asphalt 8. This is big successor amongst many popular racing game series, truly a hurricane and more exciting game series. The game features are not in other racing games; flying over various obstacles, bridges and decent arena. Asphalt 8 is perfect combination of good quality graphics, sound & gameplay, eye-catching environment, responsive controls and heart stopping speed.

There are well designed 56 licensed cars in the game such as Buggatii Veyron, Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R. You can easily play this game online or over the internet with the group of your friends up to 8 contenders. A lot of exciting racing modes like Classis, Knockout Knockdown, Infection, Slalom and Duel won’t get bored.  The soundtrack of popular artists will entertain the gamers and fans of any genre. In pause mode, the choice of radios stations is also available.

  1. Real Racing 3


Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free-to-play

Developer: EA Swiss Sarl

Requirements: at least 1.2 GB of free space

Have you ever experienced fast car racing? If not, then you must try Real Racing 3 –arcade with a professional bias. Real racing 3 is absolutely free game for Android which lets you play real car racing with real people.  The game consists of high quality detailed graphics and advanced technology. Here, you fill find 45 high quality detailed car from Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and more with more enhanced gaming engine. The game also includes more than 900 events to participate, upgradable cars for good performance. The control is simple but quite advanced.

The player will undergo a series of races, divided by class cars (mass production, street, naturally aspirated V8, powerful, everyday, professional and amateur supercars, workshops supercars and so on). The graphics on iOS-devices have highest quality detail and smoothing, while Android is no anti-aliasing and the game considerably loses appeal.

  1. GT Racing 2

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free-to-play

Developer: Gameloft

Requirements: at least 1.1 GB of free space

GT Racing 2 in the App Store, Google Play

GT Racing 2 is famous racing simulation with more advanced cars, new tracks and improved graphics.  If you are looking for realistic driving experience on mobiles, you must download GT Racing 2 with enhanced graphic engine.  According to the developers, the game comprises advanced physics 67 licensed cars, 13 real tracks and 1400 races that is separated in categories (Knockout, Classical, Overtaking, qualification). It has great collection of cars from over 30 manufacturers: Audi, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and more.

You will find it more advantageous compared to Real Racing 3, as you can call a free repair. The rest of game seems little easier in graphic term.  According to prominent tech blog spiderorbit, it got top position amongst all racing games.

  1. NFS Most Wanted

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: $4.99

Developer: EA

Requirements: at least 550 MB to download, about 1.9 GB for installation

Do you dare to be most wanted?

NFS is popular PC game series now rolling on mobile platforms (iOS and Android). The game comprises ubiquitous cops, beautiful scenery, high quality graphics, lots of game modes and nice soundtrack. Here, you have to achieve top position from the last in the list of top 10 riders, changing the cars, gloves and sometimes forgetting about the brakes and turning off the nitro-acceleration.  In the game, you can customize over 40 of the most anticipating cars. You can unlock new cars by earning speed points. You have to save yourself, because your rivals will do anything to stop you from getting top position, this will make the game exciting.

  1. Death Rally

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free-to-play

Developer: Remedy

Requirements: at least 116 MB of free space

Death Rally is an action packed fighting cum racing game. This is an old DOS based game launched in 1996 by Apogee Software and now available for Android and iOS devices. The name of game seems scary but it’s completely about racing and having a lot of fun. It has been played more than 19 million gamers and you can download it for free.  In some way, we can say it forerunner to NFS underground with guns. You will start with a small car through which you have to win the various races so that can buy a better car and better parts. I am not going to skip a major part of the game that you can purchase weapons from the illegal market where they help you against your opponents. If you want to race without guns and weapons, then you can choose it from the option.

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