News of Android viruses has been on the headline previously, thus making a lot of Android users to think, whether they really need a protection suite. If you are also wondering if your Android smartphone device actually needs antivirus protection or not, then this is the right place for you to know everything that should be known about it.

In short – yes, you do need an antivirus protection suite that can safeguard your smartphone and data from online threats. The more popular Android gets overtime, a number of sophisticated attacks will be directed against Android users. Thus, it always a safe bet to have the best Android antivirus protection for your smartphone.

Is Play Store Safety Enough?

Google play store takes down applications immediately if they are at risk of causing any harm to your mobile device. However, if you are someone who installs apps outside of the play store, then having a good antivirus solution becomes a must. In such cases, play store cannot uninstall the app on its own, if it is downloaded from somewhere else.

Even if you download the applications only from play store, it is always useful to have antivirus so that you can sleep mindfully, knowing all of your personal and sensitive information on the smartphone is protected 24 x 7.

Antivirus with VPN

Even if you are not worried about the safety of your phone and data, there are certain Android antivirus that offers in-built VPN services that can be used for a variety of purposes. An antivirus solution that offers VPN services can be a great tool for a number of reasons including access to geo-restricted content and ensuring your privacy over the internet.

If you want to watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix that are geo-restricted and only available in the US or UK, you can do so, by using a VPN service on your mobile phone. VPN allows you to by-pass any geo-restrictions, by connecting your device to a server in that particular country.

Apart from that, it also ensures that no one can have a back door entry to your mobile device when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network available in coffee shops and on airports. If you do not want anyone sniffs on your data and steals your private photos or financial information, then having an antivirus becomes an absolute must.

It allows you to safely connect to the internet over public Wi-Fi and avoid unwanted access to your Android device, by blocking anyone trying to access your device. Antivirus programs also provide protection against phishing.

Users receive a lot of emails asking them to click on some sort of attachments. These attachments normally contain malware that can infect your mobile device. Thus, if you an antivirus solution, it can prevent you from such phishing scams by protecting the device against the targeted malware.

Overall, having an antivirus solution is in your best interest, as it does only good and no harm to your device.