Taking a break from the more serious and time-consuming big titles, today we are going to look at five casual games which almost anyone can pick up and start playing right away. Keep in mind that we have only selected some of the more recent titles, so your favorite classics may not make it onto this small list.

Super Mario Run

Available both on Android and the iOS, this was Nintendo’s entry into the mobile gaming market and also the first time that an official Mario game made its way onto a platform that was not made by the company. It has pretty much everything you would want from a Mario game, but with simplified controls for the touch interface and gorgeous art style. You can even try out the first few levels for free if you are not sure about the premium price it charges.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds was a superhit game when it came out and it changed the face of mobile gaming forever with its goofy cartoon art style, clever graphics, and some of the most addictive, but casual gameplay we had ever seen up until that point. Angry Birds 2 takes all that and makes it even better by improving every aspect of the original. There’s more variety to the gameplay and the graphics just look so much better.

Bakery Story 2

This is one of those restaurant builder games that anyone can pick up and start playing, but you will need some dedication to really get anywhere because, just like a real business, it takes time to build and expand your bakery in Bakery Story 2. If you want to avoid some of the grinding in Bakery Story 2 by employing a few neat tricks, tips and cheats, gameguideworld.net has all that in one place for you.


Blek won multiple awards for the very concept on which it is based, and it has to be said that the concept is indeed brilliantly simple and satisfying. Avoid the blacks and connect the colored dots as you doodle away and create your own piece of art. Be warned though, you will likely do better here with a stylus, like the ones on the Galaxy Note series of smartphones.

Monument Valley 2

Granted that it isn’t the easiest game out there, but it still can be played by anybody really, albeit with a bit more attention to solve the puzzles. The game looks gorgeous and solving the puzzles neither feels too easy nor too hard at any point in time. We recommend checking out the first game too if you haven’t already. A lot of gamers hail the Monument Valley series to be two of the best games ever to land on the mobile platform.

There are literally thousands of games available for Android smartphones and tablets on the Play Store, so picking just five is never easy. Having said that, these five will not let you down if you are looking for some casual fun to pass the time.