It’s frustrating for some businesses not to earn a lot of profit due to the pandemic. Some businesses couldn’t even operate due to the lockdown restrictions. For some companies to survive, their option is to retrench some employees. Otherwise, they have no choice but to close. If you face the same situation, you might have to determine who among your employees is worth keeping. You don’t want to make this decision, but it’s the only way to deal with the problem.

Those who perform the job well are a priority

Priority should go to employees who are doing their job well. It would be unfair for them to lose their jobs because the business has to remove some employees. Besides, if they are worth keeping, they should stay. It would also send the wrong message to the remaining employees. They might think that even if they’re going to work hard, it will not guarantee their tenure.

Employees who go beyond their roles are highly appreciated

Employees who go beyond what you expect of them should also stay. It’s important to have initiative. You want the employees to keep working hard even if they didn’t receive additional instructions from you. Their ability to help others is also a basis for keeping them. You want employees who can pull the business up because of their hard work and dedication.

Potential leaders are worth keeping 

Employees who can be potential leaders should stay. They deserve a chance to move up the ladder. Even if the business isn’t doing well now, things will turn around in the future. If that happens, these employees will take up the mantle. They will find a way to make the business competitive again.

Find employees who are hard to replace

When you consider the employees you’re going to keep, you have to look at those who have difficult skills to replace. Training new employees to learn the skills might be more challenging. For instance, if you have employees who can speak well and effectively convince potential partners, they deserve to stay. You need the right spokesperson for your business. You can train someone else to speak, but it’s difficult to train someone to be more charismatic. You can invest in a quality projector on ceiling installation so that the next presentation will be better. It doesn’t matter who the presenter is. 

Don’t make the wrong decision 

The point is that you have to be cautious if you are deciding to retrench your employees. You don’t want to end up with the wrong decision. The worst decision you might make is to decide whom to fire based on the current pay. You will regret keeping the employees who aren’t top-quality because you’re trying to save money. Again, things will change in the future, and your business will get back on track. Try to be more patient and find a way to keep all the employees you consider as assets. They deserve a spot on your team.