Prepaid Cell phone Plans has some Disadvantages

Prepaid cell phone offers many advantages, but it has a share of its disadvantages too. One of the biggest disadvantages is the cost per minute, especially for those who talk a lot on phone. Here are some other disadvantages with prepaid cell phones.


  • Expiring minutes and service- Pre paid cell phones come with minutes that expire within 2 or 3 months. It will be ok if you use those minutes within the expiry date or  those minutes will go waste. You need to buy minutes regularly to extend the activation period.
  • Unexpected fees- You need not have to pay monthly taxes or termination fee for prepaid mobile phones but you need to pay, higher fee for extra services. You will be charged for roaming, texting, gaming, downloading ring tones, accessing the web.
  • Limited Features- Your average cheap prepaid cell phone, will not have latest and sophisticated features. It will not be a picture phone, internet access and sharing of videos. But, some companies like Virgin Mobile are offering more high tech phones. These high tech phones range from basic models to mobiles with good camera, internet access, Bluetooth wireless etc.
  • Untransferrable phone number- If you switch to another carrier, you cannot transfer to your prepaid phone number. This could be problematic as you have to inform all your contacts, that your number has changed. Much worse that can happen is, when you deactivate your phone by not using it or buying minutes within the assigned time, you will be assigned a new number when you reactivate it. So, you have to notify everbody again about your new number.

These are some of the disadvantages with prepaid mobile phones.

Here are some other advantages with prepaid cell phones by Buzz2fone Tech News Portal