Best of Prepaid Cell Phones

Cell phones have both prepaid handsets and also the ones with 2 years or more contracts. Each has their own advantages. But if you watch closer, people with prepaid handsets are much more satisfied, as they offer freedom to the user. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Prepaid cell phones.

  • Prepaid cell phone is best for people who do not want to buy cell phones with a long contract.
  •  These prepaid cell phones offer a combination of freedom and control over your phone bill.
  • You can be free of contract phones with multiyear plans with a set number of talk time minutes every month and additional call charges if you exceed the limit. They also charge you costly fee if you break the contract. It feels like you hands are tied. You do not experience this prepaid phones
  •  With pre paid phones you are free to talk whenever you want and as long as you want until your phone is out of minutes.
  • You do not have to pay a monthly bill.
  • It does not make a difference if you talk more in one month but less in the next. If you have left over minutes in one month, they can be rolled over to the next month.
  • You can change your plan any time you want if you are not satisfied with the present one.

These advantages work well particularly for the following group of people.

  • Parents of teenagers can buy their teens a cheap cell phone and a card per month with a set number of minutes. This will make their teens learn to use a phone with certain budget and won’t make unnecessary calls or text messages if there are no minutes left.
  • Occasional cell phone users suit best for prepaid cell phones. As, they only use cell phones for just making calls in case of emergencies or only when in need, there is no need for a fancy phone. So, it is best for them to buy a prepaid cell phone which works well.
  • Short term users also can buy the pre paid cell phones. Like when they are in vacation or when regular cell phone is broken or missing.
  • Trial users can use a prepaid cell phone for a month or two know what their actual usage will be before they commit to a long term cell phone.
  • Students and part time job holders can buy a prepaid cell phone as it does not require a long term contract and credit check.

Pre paid cell phones are easily available at many locations and are readily usable and even disposable. They are easy to buy.

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