Take a look through your read messages.  Look at the bottom of each one. Are there differences in the signatures? Do some give more information than others?  Are some signatures more attractive, more interactive, and just simply more inviting than others? The answer is likely to be yes.

Now look at those signatures giving less information.  They seem dull, more mundane, and less engaging than the others.  Scroll down and take a look at the signatures from, say, six months ago.  It’s highly probable the people who sent messages with stimulating signatures were doing so back then, and those who end with duller signatures won’t have changed.  What do the duller signatures give you? A name, a job title, a company name and department, an office number, an extension, maybe a fax number, probably a mobile number, and an email address.  The adventurous, rash, or desperate for business, might even give you a home number.  All this is probably in the same font, unless you are in luck and a company logo is included.  These dull email signatures are just an online business card.  Now, take a look at your email signature. Is it enticing, or just humdrum?

Give Your Email Signature More Visual Impact

  • Icons allowing your mail recipients to readily access your homepage, social media, and blogs make your signature more attractive, and their familiarity is reassuring rather than boring. They also mean you are less likely to have to respond to clients’ queries relating to things covered in your blog or homepage.
  • Use different colours, but make sure your essential contact details are in the same font and colour as the body of your message.
  • Don’t just leave it to the company logo to provide a visual break from text. Include a picture of yourself in your signature. It’s you that people are contacting.  You could have a gallery of photographs of yourself to select when appropriate.  These pictures can reflect the image you want to project to your recipient, or the season in which you’re writing.
  • Arranging these elements into a cohesive whole that captures attention can be a design nightmare. Relax; a signature creator will enable you to generate an integral, visually arresting signature of which you can be proud.

Let Your Target Audience Know Your Company News and Accolades You Have Received

  • Your company is constantly engaged in new projects, opening new markets, and could well be receiving recognition in the form of awards and accolades. Don’t be shy about letting your correspondents know about this by including banners to let your news be readily accessed.
  • You can also broadcast client testimonials and case studies. Simple links in your signature will raise your standing in your audience’s regard, and help keep your signature fresh.

Your Email Signature Can Say a Lot More about You and Your Company

Don’t let your signature give your correspondents the impression you and your company are dull and staid.  A signature creator can help you get the max in marketing terms from the email signatures you sign off with so many times a day, day after day. It’s basic common sense, but it’s so easy to overlook it.