It is undeniable that AI has taken human lives to a whole nother level. Right from the online games, you are playing on smartphones to astronomical research AI is everywhere. You can rarely find a business that doesn’t use artificial intelligence. Thanks to advancing AI technology, it lowered the error rate and improved the precision, speed, user experience.

AI has its own significance in every industry but what that is slowly unfolding is how best these AI or machine learning can be used for growing the businesses. As said, the wings of AI have reached almost every notable industry and it is expected to leave its digital footprints on every industry that demands some intelligence to grow. And casinos, one of the ancient yet growing industries is not an exception. Robots have already proved their intelligence in the gambling industry a few years ago. 

Brain vs artificial Intelligence, a poker competition held in 2017 is a perfect example in which AI had beat four poker players who are masters in the online casino techniques. This clearly shows how smart robots are in analyzing and playing against the pro players.

So, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to bring a drastic change over to the gambling industry. But what most people wonder is how will it change the gambling field and what are the areas that are going to experience the evolution of AI.

So, let’s see how AI is expected to change the future of online gambling.

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6 Ways how AI can Change Online Gambling

As the gambling industry has already expanded to online and seeing massive growth with the entry of AI it will see more profits. Apart from the profits, there are other things that AI is going to change.

Prevent Frauds

Online gambling has a few downsides when compared to in-house casinos. You can’t identify who is a genuine player and who is using the AI on the other side to win always and coin all the money. There is no camera to check out what the other player is doing. Artificial intelligence comes into rescue here. AI can detect the player’s probity with advanced captcha and monitors the user action with the camera connected. It is even able to detect the suspicious behavior of users by comparing the previous moves from its database. It further alerts the operators about the activity to curb the cheating. Thus operators can prevent the frauds and ban the fraudsters from entering the game next time.

Prohibits Underage Gamblers

The easy money concept attracts many people towards gambling and minors are not any exception. As underage gamblers are likely to get addicted more to the game, AI can be used to verify the age and status of the individual while entering into the game. 

It can be used to detect underage gamblers and prohibit them from entering. As said, it also can detect addicted gamblers tracking their behaviour and alert operators to advise them or ban them completely for a lifetime for their goodwill.

Enhances User Experience

In this competitive age, any business needs to strive to deliver better user experience in order to hold their customers and attract new customers. The same applies to the gambling industry. In fact, this industry has twofold responsibility as the customers come here for entertainment. And in order to entertain the customers, it needs to provide an easy and smooth journey whilst not compromising on security at the same time. So, this is definitely a gruelling task for gambling houses which have not adopted AI technology. 

AI smoothens the process of delivering a great user experience by collecting the user’s data, analyzing them, and customizing the game based on their tastes and preferences. It analyzes the user’s preferences by calculating the time spent of each game, why the user has switched into the game, chances of winning etc. Thus AI has the ability to create a game that is specially designed for you. Therefore, better user experience is provided.

Increases Security

As security is one of the main considerations in online gambling. AI can be used to secure the payments and account details of users. This is again a step taken to improve the user experience. As the gambling industry deals with a huge amount of money each day, securing the transactions is very crucial. Implementing AI technology acts as an extra layer of security and also helps users to build trust in the gambling platforms.

Improves Customer Service

Revenue doubles when you have a good customer service staff. Because, the more the customer satisfaction, the more customers and hence the profits. But hiring a customer service staff to work round the clock is definitely an excess when you already have a robot that does everything without complaining. Moreover, resolving user’s queries at 2 am may not be as effective as they do at 2 pm. Again, AI solves this issue with the utmost ease.

The chatbots are definitely helping in the current situations, but they are not as smart as humans and definitely not replacements of humans. Whereas AI can perfectly replace humans as they can be programmed to think like humans.

Brings in more Players

AI can be used to collect more data from people and analyze their behaviour. This not only helps online casinos to update their features and improve user experience. But it is also helpful for marketing and promotions. AI technology can be used to attract more players, especially, youngsters through various techniques such as email marketing, ads etc. Thus AI can play a key role in bringing huge profits for the casinos.

Bottom Line

As there is not an ounce of the doubt about AI changing the mechanism and profits of the online gambling industry. The real question is when will AI impact the whole industry full-fledged. Most of the big companies are already using AI for cheat detection and prevention of fraud and have set an unbiased gaming trend. Also, you are already playing against an intelligent artificial machine in most of the slot games. So, the future is already here. But the revelations AI can do is never-ending.