In an office setting, you will always find two types of people- people that prefer to work with music and without music. Most people assume that in a workspace all they will be hearing will be the sound of the keyboard or mouse. However, in every office, you will see at least a few people who have earphones or AirPods in their ears while working. Listening to music while working has always got mixed views. While some swear by it and claim that it improves their productivity, others prefer silence while working. 

It entirely depends on individual preferences. Some prefer music to avoid background noise, while others find themselves enjoying music rather than focusing on work. At the end of the day, productivity is what counts, right? Companies are always looking for ways to improve productivity in their workspace. Reducing workload or taking trips or conducting recreational activities is not enough to reduce work stress. 

Music- its essence

Two people can have different tastes when it comes to music, but music consoles and comforts both of them equally. Music is the universal language, have you ever felt music? Every situation in life can be described with a song. That is the power of music. Sometimes it makes you nostalgic, sometimes provides comfort, sometimes encourages. All in all, listening to music can work like magic for people who are suffering from creative block, especially people who are in creative professions. With good music, from software programming to writing blogs people can do anything and everything.

Music and its relation with workspace

Although music is best to cure a creative block or to improve imagination. When someone is working with earphones on, some may suspect they are truly working? Most people are afraid of listening to music while working to avoid coming across as a slacker. With changing times, companies are changing for the better. The focus of recently started companies or corporations is to make the workspace safe and stress-free. Organizations across the globe irrespective of industry are primarily focusing on employee wellbeing. The logic is clear if employees are satisfied and happy, their efficiency will increase whilst reducing employee turnover. Scientists have also been researching the effect music has on the brain. Whenever you listen to music your body releases dopamine which reduces stress levels and makes you happy. Now you know why you are happy every time you plug in your earphones. 

Apart from making you happy, is there any other way music can help your work? There are many benefits of music such as it enhances physical and cognitive performance too. Research shows that music boosts efficiency while performing repetitive tasks. It improves mood immediately, boosts creativity, and helps in finishing tasks faster. 

Tips to improve productivity with music

Although music boosts efficiency and creativity, if not chosen right, it can end up becoming destruction too. Here are a few tips that will help you in harnessing the power of music to improve your productivity.

Familiarity works the best

When people get to know that music improves productivity they assume that all types of music work. Some even think listening to the radio will work. Truth to be told, playing a new genre of music or a new song may work opposite to your goal, it can end up distracting you. Because unconsciously you will focus on understanding the lyrics or on the beat of the song. So if your goal is to get deep into your task and work with extra vigor then it is suggested to choose familiar songs. Familiar songs are perfect, as you already know lyrics & beat you will not be focusing on the song. Certain parts of your brain will become active whilst improving your concentration levels. If you want to get into your zone, then it is advised to listen to playlists or albums that you have heard many times.  

Genre confusion- instrumental or classic or modern

One of the most asked questions is which genre works perfectly for working? The answer to this question is- no idea. From classical to jazz there are so many genres of music. But it is not clear which genre works the best. It is about an individual’s taste. If you are someone who gets distracted easily or takes time to fall into your routine, it is advisable to listen more to classical music or e instrumentals. Since there are no lyrics, naturally you will be able to focus better and get your work done faster. Without lyrics, you won’t have an urge to sing along and you can just concentrate on work. 

Music lifts workspace mood (play it loud or not)

Why do you think cafes, restaurants play good music? To make the environment lively. Yes! Music can change the atmosphere around. And there is no rule that music cannot be played in a workspace. Offices are never calm, since there are hundreds of people working from the same location naturally there will be voices discussing projects or clients or constantly mobiles ringing. In such cases, even if it is a repetitive task, there are chances of making an error. However, with music one can drown out these noises and focus on what is most important. Most importantly, it improves the atmosphere at your workplace and increases staff morale. Coming to the point of playing music as a background, you can take your employee’s opinion and proceed. If more people prefer to hear the music then you can play music throughout the day or if more people don’t- you can let people who are interested listen. 

Wrapping up

It is hard to find people without their smartphones and earphones. More than 75% of people hear music on the way to work. Why not make it a part of work? Listening to music while working has more pros than cons. Once you put your earphones on, everything else just becomes background noise. With music even a repetitive task will become fun and also not to mention, it will also uplift a person’s mood which in turn reduces stress and improves productivity. Create your favorite playlist and listen to motivate yourself and work efficiently.