Technology is quite fascinating. It has brought many interesting innovations and made people’s life easy. Be it any industry, technology has worked its magic to make it better. Gambling industry is one of the many that technology has improved. Over these past two decades, the gambling industry has undergone innovation and developments, thanks to technology. The online gambling industry has developed a lot and it is providing both enjoyment and security to players. Technology has facilitated mobile gambling too.

In land-based casinos, people spend their time engaging with people and playing games such as slot machines, Roulettes, blackjack, poker, etc. With busy schedules, it has become hard for people to spend their time on favorite pastime such as casino games. The traffic is also one of the main reasons why people are spending most of their time indoors. The technology has made gambling fun and exciting and it is even contributing to the growth of the gambling industry.

Wondering, how technology is changing the face of the gambling industry? Stick till the end to know.


Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? Hard, right? People have got highly accustomed to their mobiles. They have become an inseparable part of human life. Be it personal or professional purposes, mobile has become mandatory. This tiny little gadget is making lives easier and helps in getting things done faster. It is hard to carry your laptop around, but your mobile is as efficient as your laptop and gets things done.

Advancements of mobile phones have also contributed to improving the gambling industry. Mobile casinos are nowhere less to an online casino. They are also offering varieties of slot games, poker, roulette etc. They provide bonuses, promos and easy deposit and payout options. Mobile casinos also provide a live chat option to reach customer support. All you need is a mobile and a stable internet connection and you can play these casino games from any part of the world.

Live Betting


Ever played live betting or live dealer casino games? Yes, then you must have enjoyed the experience. WiFi, 3G, 4G connectivity has a major impact on the gambling industry.  Most people are interested in placing bets on live games i.e., live in-play betting. Players place bets on the live game and the nature of the bets change with changes in the game. Live-dealer casinos are also similar, they combine the appeal of online casinos and land-based casinos experience.

These games feature skilled croupiers, croupiers, professionals spinning the roulette or dealing cards in the real-time. Live games facilitate players to communicate with the dealer, they can talk, hear or text dealer real-time. However, it also offers players security as the dealer can’t see them, so they can play comfortably from anywhere. This live betting and dealer technology are readily available in the online casinos now.


Online gambling is legal in some jurisdictions only. Online sportsbook, poker rooms and casinos are operating all over the internet and players can access these platforms from all parts of the world. It gets hard to know in jurisdictions the online casinos are not legal and prevent players of that area involving into gambling.

Geolocation tracking technology will stop players outside the state from playing in online casinos. This technology tracks the location of the player to check whether they’re physically present in the regulated jurisdiction or not. Geolocation technology is highly intelligent even IP address change cannot confuse it. It so accurate that online casinos can be assured that players outside borders are not playing.

Other technologies


This is not the end, the technology is continuously upgraded. So you can’t say this will be the last one. The online and mobile casinos are introduced AI and VR to improve the customer experience. In most parts of the world i.e., developed markets are already using technologies such as geolocation tracking, RNG’S etc. They are also accepting bitcoins, LTC, ETH, etc. The technology is helping in the development of skill-based casino games which will reward players for their incremental achievements.

The online casinos are targeting millennials with these games. From visuals to audio-quality every function is becoming better and will continue to advance. The gaming apps are allowing multiplayer functionality, quick registrations and withdrawals. Simply put the future of the gambling industry is looking bright, all thanks to technology.