In this highly advanced time, we tend to find ourselves very busy.  Sometimes there’s even far too much work for one person to complete.  Let technology lighten your load.  You have the potential to do the work of five people, and not go home completely exhausted at the end of the day.  If you’re interested in some of the ways you can make technology work for you, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick synopsis of a few of the high tech gadgets that you should be eager to put to work.

Crowdfunding websites

If you’re not familiar with the ability provided to you by crowdfunding websites, you should be.  There are various sites available that will help you to raise money for your specific causes.  You write up your own campaign, and launch your initiate.  All that’s left to do after that is to wait.  Wait for people all over the world to pledge their support for your cause.  You really can gain quite the following and many potential partners from utilizing this medium.  Don’t hesitate to look further into this technology.

Work on your sleep

There’s actually technology available to you these days that will work for you while you sleep.  It’s a bed!  A bed that is riddled with sensors that will track your sleeping habits. It monitors your position on the mattress, and measures just how much time you spend in each position.  If you toss and turn a bunch, the bed will let you know that you’re not getting the best quality sleep.  It will then give you suggestions on how to adjust the bed to rectify that issue.  It also has the ability to cool you down a bit if it sensors find that you are sweating too much.

Set up auto reply

When you work in the business world, you understand fully how time consuming emails can be.  You also understand just how much you need to get away from those pesky emails when you’re on vacation.  To solve this problem, just let your email host work for you while you’re away.  You can set up an auto-response to any incoming emails while you are relaxing in the sun.  When someone attempts to email you, your email provider will automatically send them a response email explaining that you are not in the office.  You can also set it up to say whatever you’d like.

Audible notetaking

If you’re a writer, a student, or even just an absent minded individual, technology provides a plethora of applications that will translate your spoken word into print.  If you’re awful at overscheduling yourself, some of these programs will even give you audible prompts when you have something to do.