In someone’s life, you’ve undoubtedly come across such a variety of different types of files. You could have worked with lots of documentation for your tasks when you were only a student. As both an employee or adult, and that for jobs, transactions, agreements, and so much more, you can even come through digital records. For digital documents, one thing is that they’ll still probably be in PDF.   

For how readily available these are on virtually any computer, PDF files are today’s modern, most widely utilized data format. The remarkable feature about PDF documents would be that no extra plug-ins or software to view or browse have been needed for you to save. 

User-Friendly Online Tool

In placing a watermark on every PDF document, there are a lot of resources or software which you can choose; however, one of the easiest for using is PDFBear. If you’ve not discovered PDFBear, well, you’re probably missing behind! And what is PDFBear precisely? No need for training on using the PDFBear, it can add watermark to PDF, delete pages and a lot more.

Well, besides an internet-based system that allows you to apply watermarks to PDF data, it is also a utility program that provides you several other choices, such as converting various kinds of files into PDF files or another route across. You can browse further through settings effortlessly to get something you’ll have to transform your documents into the layout you would like them to create.

The significant part of all this is that users wouldn’t be doing any extra plug-in or program installations while you’re doing it right on the page, anything on your internet browser. PDFBear is, on the highest point of that. To profit from the many helpful services, you do not have to pay with cash or membership.

Selecting The File

Tap “Select a file” also on the “Add Watermark” section of PDFBear to pick the document you would like to have a watermark. Users can, however, try to open a folder for files and select as well as drag it out to the online platform. And after that, just wait for the document to publish for a few seconds.

Put Your Watermark

You will then enter a text or sentence to serve as the watermark when you have imported your PDF file to the platform. Users will do that if they choose a picture or emblem as their watermark. PDFBear allows you the right to pick the sort of watermark you want to be attached to the PDF document, which is fantastic!.

Watermark Positioning

Anywhere you want, but the picture or text watermark. However, we suggest putting the watermark located in the middle of the data section because then copying or revealing that PDF will be far more complicated to future hackers and leakers. You can even see that on some photos on the internet, the watermark’s placement is always at the center.

Save and Download The New File

Users could now “Apply changes” unless you’re satisfied mostly with the placement of the watermark, then your freshly watermarked PDF document is available for download. Download and sit tight for the completion of the PDF document. This move would just take everyone a few more seconds, as with importing.

Like other files, saving it directly to your computer is available with a PDF file. Another best option is to keep it to Google Drive or Dropbox for more convenient use of the file. Ideal for those who work with a lot of documents, saving this to a drive rather than a computer only will bring convenience since you can access it anywhere.

PDFBear Pro

Anyone can access PDFBear for free. But, for people who work with a lot of documents like salespersons, lawyers, executive assistants, switching to pro membership and experiencing the more upgraded version than the free subscription is ideal. Users don’t have to pay a lot for the fees because it is still affordable.


Isn’t it effortless through PDFBear now? It won’t even take anyone that much time and resources to do everything, but find PDFBear out now, because otherwise, you’ll probably be questioning that you’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff regarding the jobs or tasks and will not give you time to do things that you love.

And that’s why many educators use PDF whenever it relates to handing out electronic hand-outs and educational material for universities and reports for workplaces. And even, some students are using out nowadays.