Playing video games all day while earning a paycheck seems only like a dream to most. However, with the advent of online live streaming services such as Twitch, popular gamers now have the luxury to do just that. Whether you have always had a passion for playing video games or if you are simply looking for a shift in careers, knowing what it takes to become a full-time streamer is essential before quitting your day job and going live on a brand new account.

Find Your Niche

Finding your niche as a live streamer is highly advisable, especially as the video game industry is extremely competitive and saturated for newcomers. Selecting a video game niche that you prefer to play and the stream is a way to attract a specific audience of viewers.

While some video game streamers may stick to FPS (First Person Shooter) style games, others may prefer to play one-player simulation games or games that are multiplayer, yet non-violent. Consider the type of video games you prefer to play the most. As you build a large following, you can then begin to explore additional niches without losing your popularity or the number of viewers you receive on each of your streams.

Upgrade Your Streaming Rig

Updating your computer is often necessary as live streamers begin to build an audience and become more popular within their niche. Having a computer with enough RAM, a powerful processor, and enough hard drive storage space is imperative when you intend to stream for large audiences. If you are interested in creating your own graphics, animations, and videos for your subscribers and viewers, a modern and updated video card is a must. Read more here about building a PC that is optimal for streaming live video games using platforms such as Twitch.

Consider Your Voice and Personality

Everyone is unique in their own way, which is why individual digital influencers, vloggers, and streamers are so interesting to millions of people across the globe. As a streamer, consider your own personality and how you often come across in your group of friends and family. Are you typically loud and comedic, or timid, reserved, and sarcastic? Create a list of your traits and keep your personality in mind once you begin streaming. Playing up various parts of your personality is a great way to set yourself apart throughout the Twitch community and in the streaming community as a whole.

Consistency is Paramount

Building an audience on any streaming or social media platform requires more than simply sharing one video or a high-quality article. Consistency is key to creating a successful online presence, especially as a video game streamer. In order to build an initial audience, remaining consistent with your updates, new streams, and communications with followers is imperative to prevent new viewers from becoming bored with your channel.

The more consistent you are (even when you do not have many followers), the easier it becomes to leave a professional and positive impression on new viewers and potential followers. Users are more likely to believe that you take your streaming seriously if you have consistent updates and streams that are less than popular. Becoming a thriving live streamer requires hard work, dedication, and extreme consistency while building your personal and digital brand.

Monitor Your Work/Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance as a full-time streamer is essential to prevent burnout and feeling disinterested in gaming and streaming live for others altogether. While you may have an extreme passion for playing video games and playing live non-stop, it is still possible to become burnt out and want nothing to do with your former hobby when a proper work/life balance is not maintained.

Dedicate specific hours of the day to your live-streaming, especially once you have garnered a steady following. Avoid overworking yourself and distancing yourself from other hobbies, social outings, and relationships in your life to ensure you do not become consumed with streaming. Spending time outdoors, with family members, and loved ones is a great way to remain balanced while feeling excited and positive about streaming and filming new gaming videos, rather than bogged down or drained.

Avoid Solely Focusing on the Numbers

With online influencers and live streamers generating thousands of dollars daily, weekly, and monthly, it is not hard to see how newcomers find themselves wrapped up in how much revenue they are generating. Anytime you create a new online venture, avoid solely focusing on the number of views, hits, leads, and followers you receive on any given day. While it is important to keep track of stats and analytics for marketing purposes, it is also essential to keep in mind that many online brands and influencers spend months, even years building their reputation and following. Patience is key when breaking into the online world as a streamer.

Build a Sense of Community Among Your Dedicated Followers and Viewers

Providing high-quality content, remaining consistent, and building a sense of community among your followers and viewers help tremendously when working towards a full-time gig as a streamer. Streamers who have a dedicated following often spend time answering questions, responding to comments, and offering tips and helpful hints to followers using social media. Connecting with fans and followers provides you with the opportunity to create long-term relationships with those who have a genuine interest in supporting you and your streaming channel.

Responding openly, honestly, and professionally to followers using your live-streaming community or using alternative social media platforms is a way to showcase your transparency and authenticity. In a world with millions of online influencers, building trust and loyalty among your followers goes a long way as you continue to expand your brand and following. Dedicate time to developing your online community to ensure your current followers stick around as you continue to grow.

Understanding what is involved in setting up a successful streaming gig is a way to move forward with the planning of your own live streaming venture. While working as a full-time streamer is not as easy as it sounds, it is extremely rewarding for those who have an extreme passion for video games, technology, and connecting with users who have similar levels of enthusiasm.