Mobile phone and Tablet thefts achieves are increasing globally and the police are fighting surges. Thieves are targeting Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods etc as they are expensive, small and easy to snatch and more importantly Apple is the best brand in the tech market and has a high street value. This is notoriously being called the “iCrime” or “Apple Picking” and this has spread to many countries.

Apple gadget owners can prevent these thefts by following just a few tips listed below.

1.      Be alert

Subways, busy buses are the primary target areas for gadget thefts as you will not be alert. A thief may just swipe the device and run away. So, do not get too immersed on texting or emailing and look up from your screen to see what is going around you. It is better to put your device in your bag or pocket this will show others that you are aware.

2.      Stay covered

Apple devices have a great market value even for the robbed ones. So, it is better to keep them under cover. While you are out or in busy places where there are chances of a theft keep your device under the radar. Use earphones that are different from Apple ear buds, use case covers to hide the company logo etc.

3.      Get your IMEI number and get insured

Once you buy your device get its IMEI number that keeps track of your phone, even if it is stolen you can report it to the police and get it back easily. Also, get specialized device insurance that might cost starting from $5 per month. So, even if you lose it your insurance policy covers it and you will get a new one.

4.      Back up your gadget regularly

Back up your Apple devices regularly so that in case you lose it you do not have to lose the precious info or your favorite music in it. With iCloud iPhone and iPad data can be backed up within last 24 hours.

5.      Install Recover Apps

Install recovery apps in your device so that track your lost or stolen device. The best recovery app for iPhone is the “Find My iPhone” app. However there are limitations to these apps, your device must be turned on, cannot be wiped or reformatted or the SIM card taken out for these apps to work. So, time is very important for these apps to work.

Follow these simple tips to Avoid “Apple Picking”. After all protecting your Apple device is also a part of your duty apart from using it.