Repairing Your Apple Laptop Yourself

With the right tools and essential apple parts, you can repair your laptop and other apple products yourself. Although it is true that there are repairs that need to be made by a technician, it doesn’t take a lot of technical skill to do routine work, because most of the common repairs are not complex. The following are a few of the things you need to understand before you attempt to service your apple computer.

The tools you need

There are elaborate tool kits you can purchase for computer repair, and they will have everything you need to repair your own laptop. The only problem is that they have a lot more than you need and are designed for a computer technician. They will include a wide variety of pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, tweezers and a socket set. However, if you are making simple repairs yourself, for most jobs, you will only need a screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers. It is best to have a magnetized screwdriver to prevent dropping small screws inside your computer.

You will need to use Apple components

Unlike repairing computers in general, most of the time you will need to use genuine Apple components to make a repair. The problem with this is that Apple components can be expensive, and it can be difficult to locate what you need. Often, the part you are looking for is not even available. The good news is that every part you need to repair your laptop can be found online at discount prices from vendors that specialize in apple components. One example of this is DV Warehouse – refurbished & used mac store.

Types of repairs that you can do yourself

Determining the problem with your computer is easily done with diagnostic software. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a technician will troubleshoot your laptop with high priced electronic test equipment; he will use the same software that is available to you. This software will let you know if you have a problem with your hard drive, and you can easily install a new one yourself. Other work you can do is replacing the battery, upgrade your memory, replace a logic board, adjusting the display hinges and fixing a keyboard.

The instructions for doing any of these jobs are easily found on the Internet. The biggest barrier to making these repairs is in knowing that they can be done by you. After your first repair you will build confidence and save a lot of money.