Review of Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia is trying its best to build its return in the Smartphone market by immobilizing its anticipations on Windows gadgets. At the outset the Nokia Lumia 610 was revealed at the Mobile World Congress this year while it hit the grounds of India during July.  The Nokia Lumia 610 is a very reasonably priced Windows device from the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. But the query is can this low-priced Windows Phone gadget tender the same fluid experience as the others in its household?  Let us take a look.




The device comes in magenta color as well as white or black. Cyan is another obtainable color. The contents in the box include a charger, a pair of earphones and written manuals. On first feelings, the Lumia 610 appears and feels same like the 710 with comparable dimensions and weighing approximately 133 grams. The device has dyed chrome borders which provide a metallic look but is actually made of plastic. It is built sturdily and fits happily in the hands.

The headphone jack as well as the Micro-USB port is housed on top of the phone. The back houses a 5MP camera with LED Flash located on the crest whilst the loudspeaker grill is at the base. The back panel’s not glossy-finish and hence is prone to draw oily stains and the screen is a fingerprint magnet as well. The panel glides off without difficulty to disclose the battery, beneath which is the micro-SIM card gap.

The face sports has the three Windows Phone keys for Back, Home and Search and they are at a distance so that you can operate it even with your  single hand and at the same time you can avoid unintentional button presses.  On the whole, the phone has a rock-solid build and extends problem free single hand user know-how. The Lumia 610 is motorized by an 800MHz processor with 256MB RAM. It also has an 8GB inner storage with no alternative for exterior growth. The most excellent you can accomplish is make use of the 7GB free storage space presented by SkyDrive.

Lumia 610 has a 3.7-inch LCD screen together with a WVGA resolution transforming into a pixel thickness of 252ppi which is exactly 480×800 pixels. Text is without a doubt noticeable and the graphics appear decent and silky too.

The Lumia 610 is outfitted with a 5MP camera as well as LED flash. The committed camera button is located on the right. A mild half-press will fetch out auto-focus while a long press of the button will set in motion the camera even when the phone is protected. You can physically focus by just beating an area on the screen.