Samsung Galaxy Note II vs HTC One X

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is all set to be released with amazing features of which the noticeable one is its huge 5.5” screen.  But if you are seeking the large screen mobiles and thing this is the one for you, stop and don’t decide so fast because you still have another great option, the HTC ONE X. It come with a 4.7” screen and is sure a head turner and it is the first handset to have the quad-core processor that hit the markets.


Let’s compare both to find which one has better features.

1. Design

In terms of design Samsung Galaxy Note II is just a copy of Galaxy S III, whereas the HTC ONE X, has a very distinct design and a beautiful curved unibody of polycarbonate. You need to operate a Note II with both hands but with ONE X single hand operation is possible.


The Galaxy Note II is 5.5” with 16:9 screen and ONE X is 4.7”, but with its LCD screen it has advantage over the former. First of all, HTC ONE X has a screen brighter than Galaxy Note, both the phones sport 1280 x 720 pixels but at 312ppi HTC ONE X has a higher pixel density. The Note II has low screen reflectance ratio and so it is very visible but HTC ONE X also has good reflectance with sheer brightness of the screen. The viewing angles are excellent for both the phones. The Galaxy note II will beat any other phone with its high contrast and video playback because of its screen size.

3.      Interface and Functionality

The Galaxy Note II has newest nature UX of Samsung with its Smart Stay, All Share Cast features, but also comes with Android 4.1, which is an advantage Note II has over HTC ONE X. But HTC ONE X does not fall back, it comes with Sense UI to counter with and it has lots of useful features like eye-candy and polish. So, both the phones have their advantages. Thus it comes down to the buyer’s personal preference. HTC ONE X surely is one down in the  selling point, that is Galaxy Note’s S pen stylus with its own silo.

4.Processor and Memory

Galaxy Note II has 1.6 GHz quad core Exymos 4412 processor, compared to the 1.5GHz quad core Tegra 3 in the international ONE X which is 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 with LTE radio for the US edition. The US LTE ONE X is preferable as it is silicon made with current gen 28nm die shrink.

The Galaxy Note II 2GB RAM memory which is double that of US LTE version of ONE X. Galaxy note II has  16 GB internal memory, about 10 GB are user available in the Note II and 12GB on ONE X with no memory slot to expand. The Note II has 32GB and 64GB versions announced, however, whereas the One X has its international version with 32GB, and again no microSD slot for expansion.

5.Internet and Connectivity

The Nature UX browser of Note II is very optimized and is powered with a speedy processor but the difference in the performance in the two devices is noticeable. However, the Jelly Bean does not support Adobe flash player without which you cannot enjoy certain websites, the ICS browser of HTC ONE X supports it , so it has an advantage over Note II.

Note II has better connectivity with 21 Mbits HSPA+ and a 100 Mbits LTE radio, whereas HTC ONE X has HSPA+ radio only in its international version.


Both handsets come with an 8MP camera with LED flash and the performance is great too. ONE X is better in regard to the time taken to focus and there is no shutterlag. The number of effects to apply on pictures is also more in HTC ONE X when compared to Note II.

Both the phones have the capability to take lot of pictures in succession and also suggestions to keep the best one.

7.Video Capture

Both the phone video capture is with 1080 p but Note II goes with smooth 30fps in the inside and out, on ONE X it is captured with 23fps outside and even less inside. ONE X has problems with focus during video capture. But the stereo audio quality of ONE X is better than Note II.

8.      Mulltimedia

The Sense music player on the ONE X is with sleeker looking interface though both the phone support tune categorization and equality presets. Note II has advantage with its large screen as the screen can split into categories on the left and content on the right.

9.      Call quality

Both the devices have a pretty good call quality with clear voice on the receiving side and on the earpiece. Note II is stronger in the earpiece with full sound.

10.  Battery

The Note II beats HTC ONE X with its 3,100 mAh battery to 1,800 mAh battery of ONE X. The HTC ONE X is rated for 6 hours of video playback and Note II might have more than that but its large Super AMOLED screen might consume more power.


The HTC ONE X has certain advantages over Galaxy Note II like a brighter screen, light unibody design, but in many other features it loses to Galaxy Note II.

Galaxy Note II has a large, beautiful HD super AMOLED screen and its large battery ensures better battery life than HTC ONE X. Also, memory can be expanded with a microSD card in Note II unlike HTC ONE X. Also Note II has the S Pen stylus of the Note II, so it is a complete package.

This is all when the two phones are compared to each other. It is all up to the customers to decide futher.