Most internet marketers nowadays have tapped into the power of search engine optimization to have an edge over their competition and gain leverage for their business. It’s already proven that being in the first page of the SERPs is way better than spending a lot of money each day trying to get more impressions and traffic from advertising solutions online. Businesses gain return of investments faster than when spending a lot on solutions that don’t deliver, such as advertising in the search engines or banners. Although there’s nothing wrong with advertising to gain traffic since the visitors you get are also highly targeted, the downside of relying on these advertising networks is the cost. With search engine optimization you only pay for your SEO efforts in the first few months to see results later, thus costs will be minimized over time. Advertising, in the other hand, will keep you spending money almost every day, in an average of thousands per week for most businesses. SEO is perhaps a tedious task for most businesses, but your efforts will pay off later.

Search engine optimization takes time, as you will need to undergo different phases before you have your site fully optimized and have it rank in the engines against other competitors. There are many things that you need to consider though when you rank for certain keywords. You need to make sure that your keywords are niche specific and targeting the audience that you wish to acquire. You don’t want to “sell to everyone” by using broad keywords, because you will more likely get into a saturated niche with millions of competition.


Competition is difficult when it comes to ranking in the search engines, and most of the sites that rank in the first page of Google have high page rank. Page rank is the score a website or page gets when it passed several factors like age, strong on-page optimization and even social media score. If a page has high PR, it will most likely dominate the first page. These sites are called authority sites, and they rank on very broad keywords that are hard to compete in and costs a lot per click if you prefer to do advertising in Adwords. Most Atlanta SEO services will advise you to avoid these keywords, so you can rank first page on another strong keyword which will gain you thousands to millions of searches per month.

The best keywords are niche specific, has less competition and gets you a search volume of not less than three thousand per month. If you want to rank high for a specific location, you need to specify the location in your long tail keyword. Many local businesses who are trying to gain exposure online take advantage of this strategy in order to get visitors to avail of their products and services through their website. If you want to take advantage of Atlanta SEO services for your business, there are many companies that you can find online that offers you search engine optimization services for less.