Think of web hosting as the foundation of your house. Just like foundation is important to build a home, web hosting is needed to launch a website. But, what if the foundation is weak? Free and cheap web hosting works like a weak foundation.

I know free services can lower your burden, but prefer offers like Hostgator discount codes 2017 instead.

Let me portray a scenario here, you are walking in the market, and suddenly you read a board ‘Free Products.’ While you are too tempted to go and check out the products, a thousand thoughts cross your mind. And you feel that it is definitely fake and tricky. Finally, when you go near the seller, he says ‘everything is for free, no terms and condition.’ Can you believe him? No, you can’t because nothing is free. So why do we close our eyes when we are buying web hosting?

Let’s find out if you can successfully run your blog on a free web hosting-

  • You can’t rely on free or cheap hosting. Imagine one day you wake up, and you find out that your hosting service is shutting down. Not only these services can end at any time, but also you get little or no time for backing up your data. You can consider yourself lucky if they only shut down new registrations, then at least existing data is safe to redirect. However, on a total shut down you can’t even do that.
  • You don’t have full control of your server. Once your blog or website start generating large traffic, your server might crash. If I put it in simple words, suppose, the server has RAM of 10 GB. If initially, 100 people are using the server then each person roughly gets 100 MB RAM. This seems to be a nice scenario until you start increasing the number of people. More traffic leads to more problems.
  • Safety will always be a concern. How do you feel when someone barge in your home uninvited? You feel that your personal space is compromised and someone has invaded your safety zone. This is exactly what happens with non-expensive and free web hosting. Free hosting servers have fewer security layers, and hackers can easily come to your website uninvited.
  • You have to backup your data yourself. A good hosting service backs up your data and usually keeps it for 30 days. But with free hosting, you don’t get this service. The actual problem arises when a novice user doesn’t know about this and loses data when website shuts down due to any reason.
  • Deal with poor support services. Of course, when you pay for something you get good services in return. And when you get things for free, nobody is there to hear your issues. Cheap web hosting servers have no or poor provision for customer support. If you have any issue, all you can do is find out a solution yourself. Dropping emails or reaching out to support team is a big task in itself.
  • You have to face shared server issues. Sometimes people who have less knowledge on the subject buy shared servers. Everyone wants their website to be unique and different from others. But how would you feel if many other people are sharing the same server? A shared server also has higher chances of being attacked.

Nothing is really free; the only difference is that you are paying the price by compromising on quality. If you want to keep the expenses low, getting a cheap or free hosting is not a solution. It can actually increase your problems. Choose a web hosting that fulfills your needs and does not increase your issues.