Online casinos have grown and grown in popularity since the internet boomed. All over the globe, people are joining the sites and playing from their desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. It can be quite exciting playing from the comfort of your couch and winning big. A lot of them offer fantastic welcome bonuses and some thrilling games.

You’ll find some excellent effects, sound, and graphic images that make the experience all that more fun. But who are the people that make it all happen? It’s those that work in software and put together these incredible sites that draw so many of us in.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the giants in the industry and the amount of work that goes into the online casinos. You won’t believe how hard they have to work just to have them up and running, let alone the maintenance.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming is almost entirely based in Latvia, and they have over 2700 employees. Now Latvia is a fairly small country, and that’s a lot of people! They own a studio for filming and boast a wide array of online casino games. Live streams are available 24 hours a day around the world, and they need live dealers to keep up with the demand.

It’s a big business, and you can see why they need to hire so many people. The croupiers look good, though, and it’s worth paying the game fees. You really feel as though you are in a real live casino. It’s easy to get hooked and want to play more with such a great atmosphere.

The graphics on offer from this software giant are excellent quality, and they offer a large variety of slots as well as other casino favourites. Their software can be found at a majority of the large online casinos as there are some great high featured storylines included, too. This all adds to the players’ enjoyment and keeps them interested and coming back for more.

NetEnt Casino Software

Another one of the great giants in the software game. Many say they are the best option out there, and due to this, they have really made it big on a global scale. A lot of the large, big-name online casinos host many of their games. The casinos are able to purchase their games, and there are over 200 on offer.

They also provide live dealer games 24/7, with access all over the world. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in a Vegas vibe and feel like you’re in the city itself. Adrenaline rushes are plenty with their superb software.

The development team alone is run with over 700 employees. Then, they have an extensive range of employees over the globe running a tight ship. Whether you are aware of it or not, if you have played on one of the bigger online casinos, then you will, without doubt, have played a NetEnt game.

Playtech Casino Software

These guys have been around for a while; since 1999 to be exact. Due to their long-standing status, they have gained a respectable reputation. They offer gaming for any size casino, and you’ll find their work all over the world.

Their catalogue is so vast, and like the others, they offer plenty of live dealer games including poker, bingo, and more. They are available in many languages across the globe, more than anyone else, which make them one of the favourites on a global scale.

They have done well to protect their reputation as they only operate in zones where the jurisdiction is regulated. Their clientele is loyal and has been around for a long time. They definitely deserve a spot with the best of the best.


Yet another top software giant out there and a winner of various awards. They started out in 1994 and were actually the first online casino developer on the market. A lot of their games are well known, and you’ve likely played at least a few of them.

They’ve come up with over 800 games and even more variants. There’s no doubt that they are giants in the game. Live dealer games are available and can be played on a computer and mobile platforms.

They are most well known for their slots and have produced 100’s of the games you know and love to play. Microgaming have even broken records, including developing bingo software that paid out the largest win in history. A pretty impressive feat we think you’ll agree.

IGT Interactive

This big company are well-known for their real-life machines that are all over casinos in the States. But their online software has grown and is now used all around the world. They’ve developed some highly popular games that are based on TV shows, which really gave them a boost.

You’ll come across its excellent software across many online casino platforms which host their creations. It’s very popular in Europe, and their games are available 24 hours a day for you to enjoy whenever you feel like it.


Our last giant is Cryptologic. It’s an Irish company founded by a pair of brothers and has come a long way. They formed a deal with DC comics and ever since then they have been producing high-quality games based on their characters.

Their games are very user-friendly, and many online casinos like that fact and have hosted a wide number of their options. It just adds to the enjoyment of playing online and makes the experience a more relaxed one.

The Final Word

There are other companies out there, of course, but these guys are the big names in the industry. The giants of software who are the brains behind the games you play online. So next time you’re sitting there spinning or enjoying a live game of poker, think about all the work that goes into creating them. And all the people who are employed all over the globe in this highly-rated industry that only looks to keep growing in the near future.