Today’s children have so many resources at their disposal to shape their future perfectly. From extra-curricular activities to technological resources to various types of camps, there are many options available. Gone are the days when kids only went to school, came back, did their homework and went to bed. They have much more interesting and exciting stuff to do and learn on this planet. Their days are packed with activities till the moment they shut their eyes. Let us take camps as an example. Did you know the various types of camps that exist in this day and age? There are specialized camps waiting for its right guests to enroll and give them an experience of a lifetime. A latest craze is the drone camp.


  1. A drone camp?

Let us start with understanding what a drone is first. A drone is basically a mini spacecraft without a pilot, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). They come in various shapes, sizes and technologies are usually used to perform tasks considered risky for manned flights. When you see aerial views of any landscape, it usually is the work of a drone. Drones are increasingly being used in the world by the Military forces, construction industry, travel filming etc.

The camp is about innovation, adventure and lots of fun. Your kids will get a first-hard experience in learning not just how to fly a drone but how to build it with too like-minded camp mates. The camp starts with an orientation where the kids will first comprehend the components that go into creating a drone. And then begins the real deal.

The kids get to build their very own drones and then compete in a drone competition. Not only is it fun but it also challenges the children. It is an amazing experience where the kids are pushed to heights and made to compete with one another to bring out their highest potential. Learning about programming, robotics and indulging in healthy face-offs is what all a drone camp is about.

Parents, if your kids are not too into drones, there are other technology camps for them too. Back in the day, kids did not have the expertise to keep up in the knowledge game. But with such advanced technology, rising incomes, the newer generations really have nothing to complain about. There is just too much to learn in this world and don’t keep them away from it.


  1. Robotics Camp

Robotics is the brand of engineering that deals with everything related to robots – design, construction, use, operation etc. This is one branch that really intrigues kids of today. Automation taking over the world and new generation needs to keep up with the evolving technology. There is no such thing as the right time to learn. The future engineers out there can get a taste of the real world in this camp. Kids learn how to build a robot, program it and have it entertain them. In a few years or even a few days, when your kids are instructing your washing machine to wash the clothes, they would know all about its built and how it works. Now, that is something amazing!


  1. Space Camp

Did you kids watch the movie Interstellar over the weekend and are now going ga-ga over being in space? We have so many space related movies and TV shows fueling interest within kids. It is totally normal and quite interesting to know about the universe you live in.

So, for the kids wishing to join NASA one day, a space camp is the place! Everything from real astronaut training to flying lessons is taught. If kids are really up for the challenge, this camp will give you so much to take back home.


  1. Digital Media Camp

Everything is being digitized today from reading the news to watching movies? When was the last time you rented a movie? We simply stream it now! This camp is where you kids can learn the art of digital filmmaking, designing, editing and much, much more. Not to forget, they will be taught by professionals in the industry.

Now, even if your kids do not fancy technology, there are so many other camps out there for them such as music camp, culinary camp, circus camp and even motorsport camp where they can learn how to drive way before being able to obtain a license. Camps cater to all sorts of talents and hobbies. Next time you hear kids complaining of boredom during holidays, you know what to do!