Cell phones have become a basic necessity. We carry it like our shadow. There is no doubt about the fact that it has great benefits but it cannot be denied that it does bring in some problems too. It is corrupts many business courtesies. There are new rules and new behavior for what is personal and what is private. Technological changes lead to social changes but there still lies a lag.


Manners do not just improve with the increase in use. A research revealed that 7 out of ten people who participated in the study said they follow poor cell phone etiquette at least once in a day. It seems that functionality and the easy usage of these gadgets have made us lazy and unaware of ourselves and those around us.

Mobile phones are not to be blamed, they are a significant invention and they have made our lives easy and keep us connected. People and their habits are the issue. It is time to be serious about mobile manners. Follow the below plan.

  • Never attend to a personal call in the midst of a business meeting, interviews, and meetings.
  • Keep a distance of at least 10 feet between you and others when you talk on the phone.
  • Never talk in elevators, waiting rooms, places of worship, hospitals, libraries, emergency rooms etc.
  • Never have emotional conversations in the public.
  • Avoid using loud and disgusting ringtones that might destroy eardrums and concentration.
  • Do not multi task by calling while you are attending to other business like, shopping, banking etc.
  • Keep the cell congress brief.
  • Use ear piece while you are in traffic or in a noisy location, so that you can modulate your voice when you realize how loud you sound at the other end.
  •  Tell the person who called you that you are talking on a mobile so that they can expect distractions or disconnections.
  • Inform all your friends and family who are in your address book that you are following the rules of mobile manners and ask them to do so.

These are some simple but great manners that you need to have for better cell phone conversations.