How to Prolong Mobile Phone Battery Life

cell phone battery

Simple tips to prolong the life of your phone battery.

1.      Turn on energy saving settings

Turn on the energy saving settings on your mobile like the screen brightness, back light time, vibration levels etc. These settings can be made at the phone settings section of your mobile phone.

2.      Say no to Animated Wallpaper

It no doubt gives a look to your phone if you have an animated wall paper but it uses a large amount of battery power and much more from the phone’s graphic card. If you want to save battery opt for a nice photo or scenery and save the power.

3.      Choose Simple Ringtones

Yes, musical ringtones do sound good whenever you get a call but remember they use a lot of battery power too. Why waste a lot of battery power for simple ringtone, instead set your phone to a default ringtone, which is not bad entirely after all. Use the saved up power by opting out of musical ringtones for using other phone features.

4.      Turn the Programs Off

When you are not using phone programs such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or any other feature that searches for news and weather, turn them off immediately as they drain your battery greatly. If you never use these features it is better you turn them off completely. Also, when you are under roaming, turn off your phone. If you can’t find a signal because it drains the battery as it searches for the signal.

5.      Try out Corded headsets

A lot of people use Bluetooth headsets while they talk on the phone. This drains a lot of battery power. A better option in comparison to the Bluetooth headsets is the corded headsets. This requires less battery power and also reduces the risk of cancer. You also need not be in constant worry about charging your headset battery.

6.      Use Photo feature Moderately

Camera or a camcorder built in the phone for taking pictures but features like flash and editing features do need a lot of battery power. It is best to use them as little as possible to save the battery drain. It is best advised to click pictures with a camera if you are carrying one with you than use a phone camera.

7.      Clean the battery and charge the device properly

Keeping the battery clean with a few simple maintenance tips will prolong the battery life. Charge the battery correctly. Charge the battery before it completely dies out. Charge your phone battery according to your phone manufacturer’s instructions.

These are 7 tips to prolong the life of your phone battery. Follow them for a everlasting battery.

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