Think of your website as a living entity. To stay alive, it feeds off traffic and interaction from your customers and visitors. The great provider for all this sustenance is the all-mighty search engine. 

With a static website, a search engine can only assume your site has kicked the bucket. So why would the algorithm give you the rations you need? 

You can ensure your website is getting everything it needs by keeping it fresh and updated. In other words, by giving it life. 

So, besides the obvious, why else is it so crucial to regularly update your site? We’ll tell you below. 

1. More Chances For Keywords 

When publishing new content, you give your brand additional opportunities to include more keywords. 

Search engine algorithms love seeing keywords, and it’s a top qualifier for higher search rankings (especially locally). Updating your site with frequent content, like articles or blog posts, lets you optimize each new piece with relevant keywords that beckon new visitors to your site. 

Here’s a pro-tip from professional content marketing services: Don’t just use any keywords. Research your niche and see what’s trending. Optimization can take a lot of time and energy, and you still may not get it right.

2. Frequent Indexing Opportunities 

Fresh content directly translates to frequent indexing. It doesn’t necessarily mean higher indexing, but it could if you play your cards right.  

Web crawlers complete the indexing process, combing the internet for websites. The programs then index sites based on the search engine company’s programming. 

Criteria for indexing can be a combo of factors, like the number of keywords, how many external links direct to your site, and (of course) how frequently your site updates. 

Frequent updates give algorithms a reason to check out your site. The more you do it, the more those algorithms stop for assessment, presenting you the golden opportunity to pull higher rankings (depending on what content you’re providing).

But don’t go off and post just anything. Quality content is more important than quantity, which brings us to our next point.

3. Increase Your Brand’s Authority

The more valuable content your site holds, the higher authority potential your brand has. 

A great strategy is publishing industry news. Each time your brand’s site updates with a news story, Google has yet another page to index. And the more you pen a specific topic — assuming the content is well-written — the more likely people will trust you. 

And trust only means one thing: conversions

Final Thoughts

To keep your website (and business) alive and thriving, you need to keep it updated. Updates are great ways to improve your website’s ranking, build consumer trust, and get on a search engine’s good side. 

For help with your SEO marketing, don’t be afraid to ask for our help! We’re ready to get your site the views (and conversion) it deserves.