Every year the top technology manufacturers gather to show off their latest products. Along with gadgets that they have already released, they also tease people with the types of technology that they are working on for the future. These prototypes might not be the finished versions, but they do give people an idea of what to expect in the coming months and years. Here are some of the gadgets that you can expect to see in the future, as well as current tech that will become increasingly popular.

Convertible Laptops

Although the convertible laptop is nothing new, the way they are used and the functionality they provide will be changing. Most people at the moment have a laptop and also perhaps a tablet which they both use for different things. The newer laptops will be more flexible and able to convert into a user-friendly tablet. It is also possible that the detachable keyboards that some laptops have will be replaced by a fixed keyboard that can be folded away. It would be more practical than having to carry the keyboard separately, and there is less chance of it getting damaged or lost.

Smart Home Hubs

There is no doubt that the smart home hub has taken off in a big way over the past couple of years. Amazon’s Alexa has been around for a while, but it has been joined by Apple HomeKit and Google Home. All three are trying to become the tech of choice in your home and for a good reason. It means that you are more likely to use their software, music, shopping and TV apps to get what you want. However, there are now more companies looking to get in on the action, and many of them are going to use the existing big three of Apple, Amazon, and Google to control your home instead. For example, there are now more companies manufacturing home hubs with built-in speakers that can connect to Alexa or Google. That means you can still get the services you like, but with a unit that looks or sounds better.

Virtual Reality

The world of virtual reality has boomed in the past couple of years. Until now though, it has mainly been focused on the gaming industry, with the Sony PlayStation 4 leading the way. However, there are many more applications that VR can offer that have only just been tapped into recently. For example, the World Cup 2018 in Russia has seen new ways to use VR from broadcasters like the BBC in the UK. They created an app that allowed people to view the matches through their VR headset, giving them a view as it would be from the stands. An application like this would be popular with sports fans around the world, especially for important events like the Olympics. Another possible application could be the virtual shopping center. Instead of spending hours on your feet walking around, you could go into your favorite store and browse the shelves in VR. It would be a natural step up from online shopping for those that like a more organic way to shop.

Augmented Reality

Like virtual reality, AR has also been improving and gaining more notice in recent months. There are some that think it will eventually overtake VR as the number one choice for people in the gaming industry, but there are other applications that it could be used for as well. Augmented reality on mobile devices seems the best use of this technology, not only will it make games more immersive and fun, but it could also be used in retail. For example, if there is a dress that you want to buy, then it might be that you can use AR to view it in the real world to see how it looks. You could also use it to place furniture in a room to see if it matches.

Robots in the House

It looks like the robots of the future won’t just be content to vacuum your carpets. Although these carpet robots have become more popular, they are still basic in their technology. However, there are plans on the horizon to extend their use into entertainment and companionship. Honda has been developing robots for a while, and they are showing some that use facial expressions to convey their emotions. Even the robot vacuums are still on the high end of the price scale, so any new robots might require you to speak to a company like Bonsai Finance to help you.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is now in virtually every gadget you can buy. It is being used to most effect currently on smartphones, with Apple Siri and Google Assistant being joined by Samsung Bixby recently. It is widely thought that this year and through to 2019, there will be even smarter technology hitting the market. Not only will smartphones get smarter and more intuitive, but vehicles will also get smarter. Home appliances are also getting the AI treatment with new refrigerators and thermostats being unveiled. The security of your property is also becoming part of the smart home with new cameras and sensors now linked to your phone or your home hub. It allows you to see and hear anyone that comes near your property and even speak to them when you aren’t there.

Health Monitors

Many people have jumped on the smartwatch because of its ability to help you track and monitor your health. An improvement to these monitors is expected, plus other new ways to track your health and wellbeing. Sleep sensors are a particular favorite among consumers at the moment, as they try to check their sleep patterns for any problems. The only barrier for these sensors is the increase in compliance with a person’s personal data and who needs to have access to it.

These are a few of the new technology that is on the horizon; there are many others currently in development.