Why Video Gaming is Becoming Popular as Entertainment at Parties and Events

Video games have always been something designed for fun and recreation, however in the past, you were essentially limited to playing with two controllers in your living room with a friend, or at an arcade if you wanted your game experience to be social. Modern consoles do of course allow you to play with lots of other people in different locations by going online, but what they can also do is make gaming a fun thing to do as a group in the same place.

Playing at a Party

With ways of controlling games that move beyond the usual joystick or joypad, such as the Wii’s unique control system or the Xbox Kinect, which simply uses your body as the controller, games consoles have become much more party oriented. You can also use arcade style controllers that simulate the steering on a car (for example), for a more fun and realistic experience that everybody will want to try out if you have friends over. Of course, as the consoles have developed new capabilities that make playing socially more fun, games that suit this style of playing have also come to the fore. While ever popular titles like FIFA, Mario Cart and Gran Turismo have always been great for competitive play between friends, sports based games for the Wii and Kinect are designed almost specifically for this kind of play – they are suitable for all ages and skill levels, and because of the way they are controlled, they are fun to watch your friends play as well as to play yourself.

Mobile Games Centres

Of course, throwing your own games based party, or just bringing out your console when you have a bunch of people over, is simple (if you have some good games), but for people who want to theme a party around gaming, whether at their home or in another location, there are now mobile game centres like The Games Pod that can be hired for all kinds of events and gatherings. These come with big HD screens and all the consoles and controllers for every type of game you may want to play at a party – as well as, of course, the games and a member of staff to keep things safe and organised (especially important if you are using it for a kids’ birthday party).

Fun for All Kinds of Events

Of course, video games are definitely not just for kids, and so as party entertainment, mobile games centres are also great for more adult parties. For corporate events they can offer some great excuses to get competitive or bond as a team (as a nice alternative to the tired ‘team bowling night’), and it can also be a fun thing to have at a wedding reception!

Playing party oriented video games in a group can be really fun, and is something that suits kids, adults, and family events with mixed age groups. It is no surprise that as technology makes it more possible, new ways to enjoy games socially are popping up!