Humankind has moved online! Even though this is not 100% accurate, the statement is not far from the truth. Regardless of whether you’re about to start a regular or an online company, there are number of things you should take into consideration before you can proudly call yourself a company owner. It might strike you as odd but starting an online company can be even more challenging than doing so with the off line one. Here are 30 steps you need to take for building an online business!

  1. Find the inspiration. First things first. Building something without an inspiration is like building a house out of thin air.
  2. Be passionate. Common mistake is to start a business without a strong feeling of passion regarding the project.
  3. Gain knowledge. It’s always useful to be aware of the risks and opportunities of being an online business owner.
  4. Come up with an idea. Everything starts with an idea so make sure you have one.
  5. Perform a meticulous research. Doing a market research before entering the ring is not an option, it’s a necessity.
  6. Look for second opinions. Talking to your family, friends and business colleagues is a way of seeing things from another perspective.
  7. Allow your idea to grow. Brainstorming is an inevitable step in the process of building an online business.
  8. Make a business plan. Whatever you’re planning to do, it will be a lot easier if you have a clear business plan.
  9. Define your target market. You shouldn’t target everyone, thus pick a niche and determine your target market.
  10. Work on your finances. Money is an issue if you don’t think about it on time. How much money do you need? Make several calculations.
  11. Create a team. You can’t do everything alone and that’s why you must have someone to work with or for you.
  12. Come up with a digital marketing plan. Having a great business nobody has ever heard of is bad news. Instead, make sure you reach your target market.
  13. Build a strong brand name. Hire an experienced digital marketing manager to run your digital display marketing campaign to increase your brand awareness.

Examples of strong brand names include Facebook – the leading social media network, Apple – the world’s most powerful IT company, and AskGamblers – the best and trustworthiest online gambling portal.

  1. Think about a growth plan. What is your growth plan in the first year? What about the second year?
  2. Take care of the legal structure. Every online company should have a legal part fully covered. Think about a disclosure letter and similar issues.
  3. Determine your start time. If you want your idea to succeed, then you should work within time frames.
  4. Analyze the risks. Try to be objective and consider how much you could lose if your plan doesn’t work out.
  5. Quit your old job. This is not wise to do unless you’re ready to start your own project and have saved some money for the rainy days.
  6. Look for entrepreneurial ideas. Encourage yourself to seek local resources and talk to experienced entrepreneurs.
  7. Attract potential clients. With a wisely developed marketing campaign, you should be able to get to your potential clients in decent time.
  8. Register your online company. It surely sounds like a children’s game, but registration is equally important as any other step in the process.
  9. Pay for taxes and get a license. Fulfilling these requirements is necessary before starting your online company.
  10. Recruit a consultant. A very clever idea although often neglected is to hire a top-quality consultant.
  11. Pick a location for your office. Carefully choose the place where you and your employees will grow your online business.
  12. Test your product or service. It’s better to test your product before you start selling it then after you notice a potential problem or mistake.
  13. Establish a group of business partners. A group of adequate vendors, suppliers and contractors is essential for your business’ success.
  14. Make a website. There’s no need of emphasizing the importance of creating an amazing website for an online business. It comes as a normal thing.
  15. Step out of your comfort zone and start a digital marketing campaign. According to your core business, your goals and objectives, pick suitable digital marketing channels for your digital marketing campaign and activate them.
  16. Learn about your industry. Be proactive, cooperative and available. Expand the knowledge about your industry.
  17. Measure, evaluate and modify. Use analytics to find out what you’re doing good and what could be improved.        

Each business idea is different as well is every person and profession round the world. Keep in mind that these guidelines are merely a frame for you to get started and that they are subject to change. That said, be brave and good luck with building your new online business.