Social media is the latest and most fashionable trend of our generation. It is being used by practically everyone who owns a mobile phone or a personal computer and lives in the areas where internet is accessible. It is so vast and versatile that every kind of person can use it in his way. Social media allows you to share your life with people you care about and are friends with.

But sharing of your life is just starting to define social media. Social media gives voice to the common man. People voice social as well as political dilemmas on it. Businesses use it to interact with their consumers and sell their product. Marketers communicate with businesses and market their brands. Students use it to access content related to their studies. Content creators use it to share their creations and come in contact with their fans.

If you are probably wondering how people make use of social media in all those ways and how you can step up your game, you need to check out our best tips for social media which will make you wonder why you didn’t know them beforehand.

Images are Better than Words

While actions are better than words, images are better than words. Allow me to elaborate. Consider you visited a beautiful island, and are just amazed by its mesmerizing snow cliffs and beautiful lands. Now you write a paragraph describing its beauty. How many people you think are going to read it? Answer: Quite a few. Instead, just upload a picture of that place, and way more people will see it and get to know more accurately how the place exactly looks like.

So, if you are advertising something, say a fast food chain. Simply upload a picture of the burger instead of writing a paragraph on its taste and aroma.

This is because an image acts as a summary. You get the whole notion, a full moment in just one picture. On the other hand, words are never too precise. Everyone has to imagine what he is reading. And everyone’s imagination is different.

2. Collaboration

Social media is all about how many fans you have and how much audience your posts gather. If you don’t have a considerable amount of fans, you can try many ways to boost it up. The best of which is collaboration. In fact, it is the most prominent way to gain followers on Instagram fast. In conjunction, people at social sites work and achieve something together which makes each person’s followers know and follow the other person too.

Collaborating with people of similar field is important. Otherwise, the other person’s followers would not be interested in your work and ultimately, would not follow you.

3. Work Smart

Some people spend a lot a time and money on social media, but they don’t get the desired audience. The problem lies in their approach. Simply put, if you are selling industrial machinery or just want businesses to look you up for their marketing, you can’t be looking for them on Instagram. Businesses and Industries use LinkedIn. Similarly, if you want to sell photography equipment, you can’t use LinkedIn to find your target audience, instead go for Instagram, which is the hub of photographers and everything related to photos.

4. Interact with Followers

If you are a public personality or striving to be, you need to be loved by the followers. And for this, you need to interact with them. Well, how do you communicate with a vast audience? There are some excellent ways to do this. You can go live on Facebook (facebook even pays you if you have reached a good number of viewers). Plan fan meetups. Give value to your followers. Team up with a clothing brand or food chain and give discounts to your followers. Not only will you be likeable but your followers will also tell others about you, boosting your following in turn.

Primarily fun and entertainment, social media is also the place for art, creativity, business and technology. Properly utilizing it can bring multiple benefits to even a common man’s life. All we need is to act smart and seize the opportunity while it’s there.