Smart phones have revolutionized the way we live. The smart phones have loads of apps in the app market for users to download. These apps not only provide entertainment, knowledge, save money but also make our life simpler. Here are a few apps on your smart phones that simplify our life.

Saving Star

This is a E-coupon App which gives users coupons to buy things at their lovable grocery stores and pharmacies. Users have to pay the regular price for the stuff and the savings that are made from the coupons that are chosen add in the app. Once the savings sums up to a minimum of $5, users can put the savings in their bank account and use them for a gift card at Amazon or instead donate them. However users must not get tricked into buying things that are not necessary in order to save money, this way you will end up spending money unnecessarily.

Key Ring

This is a free app that is available for download on Apple, Blackberry, windows and Android phones. This app is for people who use a lot of reward cards. It stores all the info on rewards and allows you to scan your mobile in the store rather than carrying them around. If you are not into reward cards you can at least put your gym membership card for easy scanning.

Zip List

This is a very useful app for streamlining the grocery shopping list. This app lets you search it’s recipe database and you can add all the necessary ingredients of your favorite recipes to your shopping list directly. However, one catch with this app is it checks off the item you just touch. It could be troublesome. It is a free app available for Apple and Android users.

Grocery iQ

This app is same like Zip List in the aspect that it helps in storing and organizing user’s grocery list, it also totals your grocery bill before you reach the billing store. This app has a coupon database that is updated constantly. You can search and select coupons on your phone and use them. It is a free app available for Android and Apple users.


This is one of the best comparison-Shopping app. It scans the barcodes of all the products and lets you know the difference in cost if bought from a competitor. Apart from comparing prices, it also provides nutritional info of various foods. It also provides you the info of the availability of book you want to read at your nearest library. It is a free app available for Apple, Android and windows phones.

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