Smart phones are not just for entertainment and communication. They have a lot more other uses like the weather forecasts they provide users. These weather apps provide accurate information of the weather. Now you no longer have to switch on TV every time you need to know what the weather is like today. The following apps are the best weather apps for iOS, Android and windows phone users.

Party Cloud

This is a gorgeous app with stunning simplicity, rich and meaningful data which gives you all the weather info at a glance. This app shows you the weather in a unique way, it displays weather like a  clock graphic currently, hourly and 7 days forecast. The unique clock visualization show the users a weather forecast unlike any other weather app in an intuitive way. Users do not have to waste time navigating a thermometer. Use this simple and easy app, with one look you will know what is going one. You can check the forecast for the present day, tomorrow or for the next 7 days. This app is available for iOS users for $0.99.

Solar Weather

This is an exquisitely designed weather app. It has a simple and friendly user interface. When the user slides the finger up the screen, the app will fast forward through the present day and will show the uses the expected weather conditions for the next day. Scrolling downwards will show a 3 day forecast into view at the screen top. When the app is pinched with two fingers it will reduce the view to tiles at the present location and other saved locations by pressing the plus button in the top corner on the right side. This app is all about colors and touch and has intuitive controls. It is available for iOS users for $1.99.


If  you are in search of weather app that provides accurate data, then this is the right app for you and you must download it instantly. If you are looking for an accurate weather forecast you should download this app. This app is known for its short range accuracy. This app predicts exactly when rain is going to start and end. Nooly’s predictions is for an area of 0.4 square miles. This weather app covers location of millions with a square mile radius of 0.4 and can predict weather very accurately. This weather app predicts conditions of weather of all places that you are curious about. For every five minutes, the predictions of this app are updated. This app has innovative technology, it is the future. This app is extremely reliable and also highly accurate. This app currently predicts weather only in the US and the South Canada. It is for download for iPhone and iPad for free.

Dark Sky

Dark sky is one of the best weather apps. This app at a glance can tell you when it is going to snow or rain in advance, so users can walk their pet or play outdoor games and still stay dry. Users can also explore beautiful weather animations. Dark sky creates forecasts for a precise location with the help of GPS. This app also lets users make smooth radar animations. The App’s radar animation lets users see the path of the actual storm, its movements in the past and is movement in the future. This app alerts the user before it starts to rain at their exact location. Even if the app is not opened in recent days, Dark Sky will know when a user is in the path of a storm. It user interface is simple and user friendly. This app is available for download for iOS users for $3.99.

Weather Bomb

This app is very detailed and gives users data for 1 week. This app has map and graph view, the former provides the user with data for 7 days if the app is scrolled down. The latter gives a glance of several weeks of forecast data. This data consists of info about wind, temperature, rain, humidity, wave height and cloud. The app gives global weather data. The future features of this app include data validation, more graphs, HD resolution data for the United States. This app is available for free download for Android and iOS users.
The Weather Channel App

This app with the best forecasting technology, helps users plan their important day with the accurate weather forecast. With this app now you no longer need to guess the weather conditions. This app gives users conditions of weather in detail, forecast details, weather alerts and badges, customizable radar maps. Users can swipe between their favorite locations and choose beautiful weather backgrounds. The forecast button can be refreshes as much as the user wants. The app has refresh and  search buttons which are user friendly. There is also the button which helps the user get the weather for their current location called the find me now and the settings icon. It has a simple and easy to use interface. It is available for download for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users for free.

These are the best weather apps, download them today and learn what the weather is like at your location.