You need to stay up to date with the news in the world and for this you need to read different newspapers, but that is all in the past. Now you can know what is happening around you with a few news apps on your smart phone. What is great about these apps is that you can decide which news you want to read and which not to read. The following are few must have news apps.

  1. Pulse– This is a news app for Android and iOS users.  This app brings the users all their favorite blogs, magazines, newspapers in one place for free. This app is simple and has a easy to use interface, it quick to read and share. To read an article and have a clean and elegant view you just have to tap on the article. You can save stories for reading it later or sync them with Instapaper. This app is formatted excellently and is optimized for many android devices. You can use the app even offline, load the news articles you want to read and you can read them later whenever you find time. You can make a collection of your favorite stories with your account. You can share articles that you like with your friends and family through Email, Facebook and Twitter with just 2 clicks.
  2. Material Beta- This is a news app for Android users. It is an app which provides you what you want, delivers news, articles and blogs that will interest you.  With the Material Beta app you can now change the way you discover new material. You just have to sign in with your social networking account details  and this app searches thousand of sites to give the user a customized edition of topic that  are unique for you. The “material” you receive is unique to you as the app will bring stories and sites based on what you like and who you follow. You can control the content and the editions you receive.
  3. Currents- This is a news app for Android and iOS users. This app delivers magazine like editions to your smart phone or tablet and offers high speed and offline reading too.  The editions are free that covers news, lifestyle, business, sports, technology, food, entertainment, fashion etc. Google currents uses the Google search engine to deliver the users with breaking news in the above mentioned categories. Additional stories will be provided when you travel to a new palce to match your location. You can save the articles to read them later. You can also use Google translate technology to translate the articles into a language you prefer.
  4. Flipboard- This is a news app for Android and iOS users. It brings the world news and social news in a beautiful magazine designed for Android and iOS users. When you pick a few tips, your Flipboard is built and you can start flipping through the pages of news you would like to read. This app simplifies your life. You can quickly catch up on the news, search for people, blogs, favorite sites etc. Save  favorite articles for reading later. Enjoy the app in 15 localized editions- Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy etc.
  5. Feedly- With this app you can Browse your favorite sites, blogs, RSS feeds etc in a new way.  It is an RSS news reader re-imagined for Android and iOS users. This app makes browsing fast and easy. This app makes sharing content on Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc. very simple. This is an app that is available for iOS and Android users.