Apps are not meant for just fun and entertainment but also for environmental responsibility. The little part, that you can play to keep this planet green. Here are  5 apps for your Android phone that fulfills your responsibility of keep this planet green.

1.      My Recycle List

This app makes your Android phone green. With this app you can easily find recycling location near you. You can get info like address, contacts, and directions for the location. You can personalize the list so that recycling becomes easy. You can find nearby recycling locations using GPS or by ZIP code, call recycling locations directly or add them to your contacts. You can save the list for future reference. It is absolutely free and is best for all those who take recycling seriously.

2.      Go Green

This is a knowledgeable green app. This app provides a green tip to the users every time it is opened. You can get a collection of green tips with this app. With the Go Green app you can have the Go Green sites right by you. You can vote every time you purchase something, you can find green café’s clothe shops and visit green outdoor activities. With this app you can even find good offers and have great experiences. If your idea is to preserve the environment and do your best to keep this planet green then this is a good app for you.

3.      Carbon-Meter

Have you ever given a thought about how much carbon dioxide you are saving from harming the environment if only you cycled or walked to work or other places? Carbon meter tells you the details. This app keeps tracks and records of all the eco friendly activities you participate in such as running, walking, cycling etc and then assigns a carbon dioxide saving figure to each of it. Therefore the more co2 you save the better reward coupons you get by participating retailers. The higher your level of eco friendly activities go the more value of coupons you receive.

4.      Mobile Banking

Now almost everybody has a bank account these days. It means that you make those trips to your bank every now and then to either deposit or withdraw money and wait hours standing in the queue waiting for your turn to come. It’s all a waste of time and energy. Most of the banks these days have mobile Android applications that allow you to complete your bank related tasks like depositing a cheque at the comfort of your home or office. So, save all the time and energy you spend for making trips to the bank and use this app for a change. Find out if your bank has launched this app and use the app at your comfort.

5.      Eco Buzz Widget

It is not possible to keep a track of everything that happens in the eco green world. It is for this reason that Eco budget Widget is developed that collects the green news from around the world and publishes it to your Android phone. With this app you can get news about climatic changes, eco friendly transport like cars and every other thing that is green. This app covers the news of all the green topics.

These are the Android’s top 5 green apps. Download them now and let your friend go green with envy!!