Review of the top smartphones we saw during 2013

Be it a Christmas gift or a personal indulgence, you can’t help but argue that the smartphone is a must have this year. Looking to the future, we don’t see it changing much. Experts (and everyone else to boot) are saying smartphones will soon be the only kind of phone you can buy as increasingly affordable budget models are released that make the ‘traditional’ mobile obsolete.


And it is not hard to see why. Connecting anywhere and to anything, smartphones give you instant access to whatever you need. Travelling abroad, your smartphone can be a great companion. Mobile internet networks are now giving users higher than ever connectivity speeds and exceptionally wide coverage abroad – meaning you can access your emails and apps when away from home virtually anywhere without incurring additional roaming charges, this connectivity is only going to become more impressive with the roll out of 4g.


So, with this in mind, let’s look at some of the top smartphones for you to buy on the market at the moment:

Apple iPhone 5c

This brightly coloured phone is the second latest offering from Apple’s iPhone and ever expanding technology department.  Made of plastic with a reinforced steel body it uses the A6 chip and comes with an 8 mega-pixel camera. It is one of the most advanced bits of tech on the market.

Sony Xperia Z1

Although not yet released, this Android 4.2 phone is expected to be sold by a number of the major phone companies in the UK including those offer 4G service.  The Z1 also comes with 14GB of internal memory, a 21 mega-pixel camera (the first device to have such a camera!) and a 2.2GHz processor.

Nokia Lumia 1020

The latest phone from Nokia is likely to prove popular with fans of photography, coming with a 41 mega-pixel sensor and featuring PureView technology and Nokia Pro Camera, technology which has been designed to enable any user to take professional quality photographs.

Motorola Moto X

This phone is claimed by Motorola to have 24 hours of battery life and has been designed to enable the user to complete every day tasks without draining the battery.  Featuring ‘no touch’ technology you can operate this phone with just the use of your voice.  However, there are currently no plans to release this in the UK as the focus from the company is currently to re-establish the Motorola market in the USA with this device.

Samsung Galaxy S4

With this 5” display offering more pixels per inch than previous models, this is a phone which packs a punch.  The new eye-tracking technology is also a clever addition from Samsung meaning the days of playing tilt your phone are well and truly over if you invest in this device.  It also comes with a 13 mega-pixel camera.

Sony Xperia Z

This is a waterproof device featuring a 5” HD screen and 13 mega-pixel camera is a very attractive offering from Sony.  Operating on the Android system it also comes into its own offering a good number of entertainment apps from Sony.  A final selling point is that it is a good-looking phone, with a sleek square finish and only 8mm in depth.

What is on your Christmas list this year? With great choice available, you may want to go into a shop and try some out before you pick one!