Do you need Mobile Phones which are Disposable

Disposable cell phones are becoming popular and are taking the mobile markets by storm. If you need a phone for just calling and voice mail facilities, without long term contracts and nothing more than that, disposable cell phones are best for you.


These phones are easy to carry, compact and light weight. They are available on almost all the networks and are mainly for making and receiving calls. They are cheap in cost and so you need not worry about losing them. They are meant for temporary and urgent usage. You can buy these phones at convenience stores, office supply stores, malls, franchise outlets etc. These phones have a limited amount of talk time, so you need to choose the best plan that suits your needs.

There are different carriers that offer good talktime and they are:

  • Virgin
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizone
  • AT& T
  • Tracfone

These disposable mobile phones can be bought from the carrier websites. After you select your desired carrier you need to choose the handset company. You can buy the handsets with good talk time at Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay, Circuit city, Rite Aid stores.


  • These mobiles do not have a screen so text messaging is not possible.
  • Call waiting, diverting and voicemail features are available.
  • High quality sound output.
  • Voice assistance is available. This helps read out the numbers as you dial them, this lets the users know when the phone is switched on or off.
  • Battery life of 4 hours continuous use is available.


Parts of a disposable phone

  1. Paper body-  Disposable phones are made of paper substrate.
  2. Circuit board- Disposable phones have no technical components, so there is no physical circuit to make up for it. So, a metallic ink is used to draw the circuit board on the phone body. This ink traces the path of a conventional circuit board consisting of wires, circuits.
  3. Physical components-The internal components are placed within the hard paper body, they are tiny capacitors and crystals. A thin keyboard is placed on the external front side of the phone.
  4. Bonding of the components- A very strong adhesive is used to bind the two layers of hard paper panel together. It also keeps in place the internal crystals and capacitors.
  5. Power supply-A battery is connected to a connector. It helps supply the power from the battery, at the end of the phone to the circuit within the phone.
  6. Accessories- The phone is printed with numbers, alphabets and other creative designs to make it attractive. It is then compressed to a structure similar to thickness of 3 credit cards put together. The phone is then covered in synthetic polymeric material and sealed. On one end a small opening is given to connect the headset with the phone.

The disposable phones though are only limited to making calls, have many advantages. You do not have to worry about losing your personal contact numbers and other data. They are best to make emergency calls when you are travelling.

So, if you need a phone to just make calls, why spend loads of money for phones loaded with features that you are not going to use anyway. Buy a cheap but handy disposable phone and save a lot of money.

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