Modern technology pervades the financial spheres and the need for on-the-spot news reports and updates has taken on increased importance for traders and analysts alike.

The’s Forex News and Analysis app which has recently been introduced offers everything a savvy Forex trader needs. It is a resourceful and gratifying way to keep up with current news and analysis in the financial markets and provides all the features of the web-based site and much more. The app is compatible with all mobile devices.

Keeping in touch with the Forex market 24/7 has become a necessity in today’s world and the app provides the means to remain connected to the Forex market from anywhere in the world. Immediate currency news  along with regular updates about major currency pairs is provided and  traders at all levels can benefit from free Forex signals in addition to Forex news and professional technical and fundamental analysis.

The’s Forex News and Analysis app is constantly being updated and the latest version has several new features. The app is aesthetically designed and easy to navigate. Members are notified of signals and trade alerts immediately and additional information is send out from the editor’s desk.

In addition, the newest version of the app is supported in English, Spanish and Arabic. has been covering the Forex world since 2006 and has become a leader in the industry, offering up-to-date news reports and analysis as well as broker reviews and additional features.  In-house analysts track the charts for major currency pairs including EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD and others, as well as gold and other commodities and report their findings on an ongoing basis.