A phone’s life is the battery. It is the one thing that keeps the phone working. Along with the quality of the call, the battery life of the cell phone is one of the important factors you need to consider while buying a handset  It is so frustrating to have your cell phone run out of battery when you are in the midst of an important call. And it is not fun to be away from a charger when you phone has little power left. Well you must save some power and also improve your phone’s standby time if you want it to run for a long time. Here is how you do it.

phone battery

If you are having trouble with low battery stand by time then you must look for tricks to boost it. There are many hidden phone settings that we are unaware of to get battery back up. For Sony Ericsson mobile there is triangle icon in blue at the top left end of your mobile display. When you switch it on or off it affects the stand by time. This icon is an online status indicator. It is necessary if you need to use internet. When you keep this switched on all the time it drains your phone’s battery, causing a low battery stand by time.


So, what you have to do is go to Menu in your phone then select settings and go to connectivity, in connectivity select data communication and then preferred service. In this preferred service you have to select the option CS only. CS means Circuit Switch Data, selecting CS increases your network connection time by 5 to 6 seconds and your stand by time by 20 to 40 minutes.


Below are some simple tips for improving the standby time of your phone.

  • Cut on sound quality

Reduce your phone’s quality of the sound, many GSM and some CDMA phones allow users to turn to lower data rates. You can check you phone’s manual for some general settings in your phone.

  • Reduce our phone’s screen display time

Many phones let the owner decide the display time of the screen. Reduce it and increase your phone stand by time. As reducing the time reduces the amount of battery usage for the display you will get more stand by time.

  • Think Efficient

When a cell phone signal is weak it causes the phones to increase emission power therefore it causes an increase in consumption of power. So take care that you do not place your hand near the antenna that is at the head end of your phone. So, the best idea is to hold the phone always at the base.

So, follow these simple tips and improve your phone’s stand by and talk time.