Marvel has been pleasing its fans in the recent years with its awesomely made movies like Dr. Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy. But Marvel is also famous for its exciting video games that extend the pleasure of enjoying your favorite comic book heroes. Not all the games on the top 5 list below are the latest, but a game does not need to be new in order to be epic.

So, here are the best Marvel Studios video games of all times.

5 Greatest Marvel Video Games

  1. Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Developed by Raven Software, MUA features all of the major Marvel superheroes so loved by their fans. Even if your favorite character is not available to play for, you will still encounter it somewhere along the way. Full of action, active role playing and villain figures to defeat, it is a visual and gameplay improvement over its predecessor, the X-Men Legends games. The game has received great reviews, and a sequel was released in 2008.
  2. Spider Man 2. Released in 2004, it is still the best Spiderman game so far. It is a point of view gameplay that feels great, because you actually get to be Spider Man instead of watching Spiderman jump from building to building. The graphic representation of New York buildings will make you want to play this game again and again. The console version is much better, though, since the PC version has lost a lot of gameplay perks in the process of conversion.
  3. X-men Arcade. An old-school arcade game which was a blast, and still is exciting to play for all those of us who enjoyed Sega Mega Drive arcades. Made in 1994, it features a multiplayer option for 6 people, and the graphics are very good quality given the time it was issued. The characters are Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Night Crawler, and Dazzler, and you get to choose between them. It is a great game to play with your childhood friends.
  4. Marvel vs. Capcom 2. A 2000 game allows you to choose among a huge number of characters and enjoy awesome quality visuals. The gameplay features fast combos and incredible fighting that will make you enjoy it. The newest edition of 2017, Infinite on Steam, has been adapted to the newest consoles and offers even more colorful graphics, similar to myrouletteguide com.
  5. Marvel Guardians of Galaxy: The Telltale Series. This 2017 game is the newest Marvel fans’ favorite, with great voice acting and portrayal of characters. Equally awesome on PC and console, this single player adventure game features a lot of exploration and action sequences. Even though it was somewhat criticized for its technical issues and humor, it is still a great and visually compelling game to play on the newest consoles.

Marvel’s heroes and villains allow for endless ways of using them in the gameplay. Hopefully, Marvel will continue to make great games in the future featuring all of our favorite characters and perhaps even some VR options which everybody in the gaming community is waiting for.