Given the wide array of social online tools and communication platforms, customers, clients, and consumers are becoming more and more attracted to maintaining an open line of communication with their favorite brand or business. The reason why is that they want to know the latest updates, features, special offers, new collections and releases, and any other recent or new information the brand has to offer. One way businesses communicate with their customers is through opt in text.

Opt in text is when a customer will gladly accept that you send them a message to their personal phone number or email. But opt-in text comes with a catch. And that catch is that that same customer can opt-out whenever they want, meaning the lines of communication with that customer are essentially broken. And as a business that is something you absolutely don’t want to happen. So here are 4 useful tips for businesses to maintain a good communication campaign.

1. Don’t Bombard Your Customers

The number one thing anyone hates is to have their inbox or text messages blown up with a bunch of emails with little to no use for them. The worst thing businesses can do is suffocating their customers with emails that hold no value. Try to only send emails or texts with valuable information in them like an upcoming sale, or a special discount for that client.

2.Let Them Know Their Special

Piggybacking off the idea mentioned above -yes, you don’t want to bombard your customer with pointless emails. But you also don’t want them to go too long without hearing from you. Balance is key. A good way to balance the lines of communication is to make use of a special occasion to reach out to your customer. Message them on a holiday, or better yet on their birthday, and send them well wishes and wish them a happy birthday. That way you also let them know that you value them know they are a valued customer.

3. Try To Use First Names

Sometimes when sending out an ad campaign or a discount offer, businesses would usually type out a standard template indicating the information they want in it, like the amount of the discount and for how long it’s running for. But before hitting send on that blast email you might want to consider allocating the name of the recipient at the introductory statement for each email. It may sound complicated and like it’s a lot of work but it isn’t. In fact there are tools made to simplify that process. Addressing your customer by their name instead of “Dear Valued Customer” is another great way to show them that they are a valued customer.

4.Hire A Great Copywriter

At the end of the day, communication is key for any and all businesses. Any slip of the tongue, or poor word choice, and you can risk losing your customer forever. That is why it’s crucial to hire a great copywriter to write up your email templates, your broadcast messages, your customer service scripts. Invest in a good writer and you’ll be investing in a great communication foundation.