From online shopping deliveries to packages from family on a daily basis, you will receive many parcels. It is really hard to wait for a package. Receiving packages feels like receiving early Christmas presents. But waiting is not as thrilling as receiving them. Every time you want to track the package you have to go to the site you have ordered your goods from. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a universal parcel tracker and manager? Well, then PostTrack is perfect for you.

The transportation process may vary from one provider to another. People usually can track their packages once it is sent. But if you don’t know the carrier name it is quite hard to track your package. However, with PostTrack you can track your package easily. As you see this platform has combined many delivery services and mails on their website. So you can track and manage your package no matter which carrier it is from. Some of the online shops they track shipments for are Wish, AliExpress, eBay, GearBest, DHGate, ASOS, etc. This website is perfect for people who frequently use e-commerce platforms to shop. If they have multiple orders from different stores it can be quite confusing to track the shipments. That is why Post Track is perfect as you can find and track all your packages in a single click. It is also offering 3 site languages making it easy for people to use the website.

Why PostTrack?

Well with PostTrack you will never have to worry about not being able to track and manage your package. If you don’t have an idea on which delivery service you package is sent, it can be hard to track your package. However, PostTrack is an online package tracking system that will automatically detect your carrier from your tracking number. Not only that it also determines your packaging location and status. You must know the precise tracking number of your package to track it. Also, PostTrack allows you to save up to 40 items in the Parcel Manager. But this is only for registered users. PostTrack supports around 370 carriers. So it is hard to miss your shipment. Simply put, be it an international carrier or a local carrier you will be easily able to track and manage your parcel with PostTrack.

Creating an account with this platform is also quite simple. All you have to do is fill in your details in the account registration form or you can sign in using your Google or Facebook account. It just takes mere minutes to become a member of PostTrack and never miss another shipment. Also if you have any questions relating to the shipment, carrier or tracking number their customer support team is always there to help you in resolving your issues. 

Not that you know the basic details about the PostTrack, let’s check out more details about its features and notifications.

Parcel Tracking

As you already know the tracking system identifies a delivery or post through the tracking number automatically. From the shipment beginning to till the package reaches your door, PostTrack will track your parcel and give you complete information about its location and status. Simply put, this platform auto-detects the carrier through the given tracking number. Another best thing about this platform is that it also manages bulk parcel tracking of 40 parcels too. So you can track more than one parcel at a time without worries.

Tracking Notifications

You will receive notifications about the latest data relating to your package route. PostTrack will send you notifications relating to package location and status on mobile devices, emails or messages in the browser. Simply put, all the information relating to the parcel will be kept handy. You can easily access that information.

Parcel Manager

Parcel Manager is the online service that assists in both structuring and combining the information related to the parcel. Simply put, it saves you from double the work of tracking various websites. As it provides you with all the information you need at one single place and also it is synchronised on all your devices. So you can track and manage it from anywhere. You can manage upto 40 active parcels at a time, awesome, right? Another interesting feature of this platform is that people can archive parcels too. Yup, you can see your old parcels too.

Other interesting features of PostTrack

Mobile App & Browser Extension

PostTrack is available in both iOS & Android. With mobile apps, you can track your parcel from anywhere at any time, sounds cool, right? Apart from mobile apps, you can also add its browser extensions on Chrome, Edge and Firefox for easy access. Whenever there is new information relating to your package you will receive push notifications directly to your mobile or browser. This way you will have all the information you need on your devices so that you can find them easily when necessary. Also in case, there is a change in your delivery status you will receive notifications to your email too.


Now that you have understood about PostTrack and its features, it is time to learn about its pricing. Well, the best thing about PostTrack is that it is offering all these amazing services for free. Yup, you heard it right without spending a single penny you can track and manage your shipment.

Wrapping up

As you have made it to the end, hope that you have understood about PostTrack and how you can use it to track and manage your parcel. If you’re a shopaholic or a person who receives a lot of packages from home or a small business owner who has to send customers shipments, PostTrack is your one-stop destination. They have compiled all the data relating to all the carriers making it easy for people to find their package through tracking number. But one thing you must remember is that to track your package without any issue you must have the right tracking number.