Rooting your Android device is all the rage in the tech world lately and unsurprisingly so. This is because rooting your device opens many options for you that simply are not available on an unrooted device, be it the latest device upgrades, new ROM options or even installation of third party applications which are not available on your Play Store.

It should be quite obvious, though, that rooting is quite a risky thing to do and sometimes recovery of the phone is not possible. For this purpose, there are certain steps you must consider and certain measures you must take before you begin the rooting process.

Know your phone

Since rooting promises to completely change the software outlook of your phone, it is best to know everything about it. This includes the manufacturer’s name, model, date of purchase and anything else.

This is because the physical outlook of almost all phones is similar; it is what’s inside that truly creates the differences between phones. So in case something goes wrong and you wish to fix it, you know the exact forum you should take your phone to.

Consider the battery

Just like updating your phone, rooting is a process that may take hours. For this purpose, you need ample battery life. If your phone is the type that quickly runs out of power during heavy use, it is suggested that you do the rooting process while keeping it connected to a charger or reconsider the process altogether.

Backup your files

Another thing you must consider is backing up all your data before the rooting process starts. This is because for the rooting process to begin, your phone must undergo a Factory Resets which clears all the data in its internal memory. Therefore, it is best if you back all your data up in an SD card, a separate drive or the cloud.

Find the best rooting option

One thing you must know is that almost every phone has a different rooting method for it. For this purpose, you need to go online and look for the best option for your phone, of course you will need to know the manufacturer and model for this purpose. Also, make sure to always use a reliable rooting application. Some of the safest and most popular rooting service is Safe root.

Remember to read up on forums for common mistakes and errors that may occur and how they may be avoided for the safety of your phone.


Learn to unroot

This step is also absolutely crucial. Before you begin rooting your phone, you must learn how to unroot it. This is because there are many problems associated with rooting a phone and sometimes, unless you reverse the rooting process, your phone absolutely cannot recover. Sometimes this is because the phone is not powerful enough and sometimes because of simple human error. This is why it is best to learn how to unroot your phone.