SEO Tactics to Boost your Search Engine Rankings

With increasing online marketing tactics, it is essential to improve one’s search Engine rankings. There are a number of ways to do this:

Publish relevant content
When publishing content, it is important to think of the key phrases of your content. Think of how your reader is likely to search for that specific page. For example, 8 ways to make money online’. Use of bold or italics to highlight key words is further encouraged. Keeping the content relevant is key, after all, who wants to read irrelevant material? Publishing relevant content will definitely boost your search engine rankings.

Having a link-worthy site.
Put relevant links within your text, that gives your readers more insight on where they can further get more information from a respected authority. This increases trustworthiness hence people are likely to click on your page, increasing your search engine rankings.

Using different multimedia.
Use videos, as well as images in your page. Visual content is attractive to the eyes; generally, content with videos have a 4.8% higher conversion rate than those without. Content without images is monotonous and not likely to attract users to your page. Putting into use different media will definitely boost your search Engine rankings.

Increase your page load speed.
No one likes clicking on a page then waiting for minutes for a page to load. Increasing your page load speed will ultimately increase your ranking. How to do that? Use caching plug-ins, make sure the codes are cleaned and streamlined. Lastly, you can also optimize image size to reduce file size.

Make your content easy to share.
Social media is a growing forum for online marketing. Facebook, twitter now correlate very strongly with good ranking in Google’s index. Therefore, making your page easy to share on social media platform guarantees more clicks and consequently a boost in your search Engine rankings- the power of optimizing.

Speaking of optimizing, mobile optimization is set to be a major boost in ranking. It is obvious that with the growing technology, users do not just use computers for search but also mobile phones, tablets as well as laptops. Making your page mobile friendly will increase the number of clicks on these devices hence increase your search Engine rankings. Making your page mobile friendly means making sure that one can access the same page on the above-mentioned devices.

Improve website usability.
Usability is measured by effectiveness (can user achieve the set objectives?), efficiency (if yes, how quick can one achieve the set objectives) and last but not least, memory- ability – can user re-find your page once they have left it once? Focusing on improving these three aspects will surely increase your search Engine rankings.

Layout and formatting.
Bulleted lists are a score. Use of short paragraphs is advisable since most people do not like reading long texts. Proper use of header tags ensures that your page is easier to find, and keeps it relevant. Proper layout and formatting will ensure that you boost your search Engine rankings.

Update your content regularly.
Well, people look for relevance. Updating your content regularly indicates a site’s relevance. This means refreshing your content when you should, keeping up with updates as well as constantly uploading new content for the users. This will ensure users come back again and again as they are guaranteed of new content- fresh. This will in turn favor your rankings in search Engines.

Contact details in view.
This means that they are likely to re-visit your page and to trust your contact. Whether it is by call, or email, having a contact page is important. Users are sure they can ask questions or ask for clarification, hence are likely to come back again and search. Adding this small element will ensure that you boost your search engine rankings, over time.

The language used should not be complex in a way that hinders communication or hinders understanding of the content by the user. No one likes jargon when searching for information. Use of simple language to convey message is essential, if at all users are to click on your page to gain information. This will ensure a higher ranking.

Use of sitemaps cannot be over-emphasised.
This is especially helpful in a case where you have many pages. This will enable the user to discover other pages aside from the one they are viewing. A sitemap should be accompanied with key phrases that say what the page is about, in less words. This technique will ensure one is ranked higher.

Copy- pasting is not only a copyright infringement but also something that google hates. Posting content already on another website or page is a way to lower your chances of being ranked top. Remaining original will also ensure that when a user searches, they will be linked to you and not the other site. This is a sure technique in scaling your way up the ranks.

Naming your pages is essential.
When people search for things in google, google suggests pages or websites. Now imagine if your page or has no name. no one wants to click on an unnamed page. The name should correspond to the content given. For example, if the content is about lions, you should have the name lion’ in the title,

Lastly, let your head tag arouse curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat but in this case, it will ensure people click on your page. Making the title intriguing is a sure way. However, care should be made when choosing a tag- the content should deliver what the tag promised.

In conclusion, getting ranked highly in search Engine, is as easy as the steps highlighted.