Technology is continually changing the online gaming industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the major game-changers in this field.

AI is a system used by machines to make decisions. It follows a sophisticated algorithm and learns from exposure to new situations. Because of it, this technology is much more efficient and quick than humans.

Research indicates that it will be a 126 billion dollar industry by 2025. It’s a growth of over 1,000% when compared to 2018. AI gaming is the future, and this article is designed to get you caught up with the times.

AI is Making Games Smarter and More Realistic

Most games still use scripts today. However, they can get smarter with the emergence of AI gaming. By using complex algorithms powered by data, games will learn how to react to the player’s decision.

Artificial intelligence in gaming will make playing against a machine much more realistic. You’ll never see your opponent make dumb decisions again.

For example, let’s say that you are playing poker online. With the rise of AI in gambling, it’s possible to face a virtual opponent who is as smart as any human, or one that can bluff like one. It increases the thrill of the game a lot.

Artificial Intelligence Provides Unique Online Gaming Experiences

Creating challenging virtual opponents is not everything that AI can provide. More than any other technology, AI gaming technology learns with the players. Companies can use it to tailor unique smart experiences for you.

Gaming experiences that are directly tied to you, the player, are becoming more common. Forget the old “easy” and “hard” modes. Instead, future online games will determine how you play and change the challenge accordingly.

Big Data-Powered Solutions

We create more data now than ever before. Most companies are aware of this. A recent survey by Forbes has shown that 85% of its respondents were collecting big data. With the help of AI technology, it’s possible to analyze this data at speeds never seen before.

Kevin N. Cochran, a casino manager, and marketing specialist believes that AI can be crucial to explore this information. Big data isn’t useful for humans in traditional ways. It’s too much information, making it hard to understand and get new insights without the right tools.

Fortunately, Cochran defends that it’s possible to use machine learning to read this data and teach its insights to a machine. This way, collective trends can be analyzed.

Artificial intelligence in gaming could change how games are produced. Companies can use it to monitor active users, customer lifetime value, etc. New online games would be better for consumers because they would be created using this information.

Cheating in Online Games is Harder

Another interesting use of big data and artificial intelligence in video games is to minimize cheating. You probably know that it’s harder to cheat in online casinos than it is to cheat in a land-based one, but it’s possible.

You could probably see a difference in how online slots work if they use this solution. Generally, automated systems control your chances of winning in a slot game. Everything is random and works independently. With the implementation of AI gaming solutions, a game could flag suspicious behaviour.

Unlawful casinos could use the technology to rig the games in the houses favour. This is why it’s so important to only play in organizations that are licensed and play fair.

The Technology Could Help You to Find the Right Game

Have you ever felt undecided when trying to choose a game? There are so many options available. You can play slots, free online keno, blackjack, and poker amongst other games. Your choices are almost unlimited. Fortunately, machine learning technology could help to solve the issue.

By knowing more about your personal tastes and expectations, game providers could show you a more appropriate selection. Major gaming stores such as Steam already do it. They analyze what you play the most and show options that may interest you. The better AI gaming technology gets, the more accurate the selection will be.

Creating the Perfect Mobile Game

It’s no secret that mobile gaming is growing. With a big chunk of the revenue coming from mobile experiences, it’s important to concentrate on them. Artificial intelligence in gaming can be used to create mobile offerings that work better on mobile devices.

The device in which you play a game is essential for the user experience. By learning more about the main trends regarding mobile devices, it’s possible to develop mobile online games that are better optimized for smaller screens. This way, players will play for longer, because they’re using a better product.

Many different technologies are currently shaping how mobile games work. Google is using TensorFlow, and Facebook, Caffe2. Soon, more developers will also look at machine learning to create games that feel better on mobile devices.

Change the Industry with Unique Insights

AI will revolutionize online gambling, and it’s hard to determine the range of its impact. Unique insights will be acquired from big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in gaming.

Because of this, you may have some pleasant surprises in the future. Many changes will only be possible because of the current technology. Games will get more automated, smarter, and independent. After the rise of AI gaming, the industry will change forever.


Are you excited about the changes in the industry? Artificial intelligence in video games will undoubtedly create new ways of playing online games. It may also change how current games work, for the better!