Run Debit And Credit From Your Smartphone And Help Your Small Business Grow

Are you a small business or independent retailer who would like to make a killing at your next public appearance? While you may have a product that’s in demand, it can be difficult to make a profit when everyone purchases everything with a credit or debit card. For those truly small businesses who make the majority of their money through public events like farmer’s markets, craft fairs or even on tour (here’s looking at you, indie rock bands and authors!), it can be difficult to only accept cash. Finally, the game has changed thanks to a free downloadable app called Square, invented by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Square is a new app and device, designed for small independent retailers, which allows to accept debit and credit cards payments through their tablet and smartphone. The transaction is conducted through the app, charged to the buyer’s card and the payment is deposited into the vendor’s account the next day. Although there’s a fee of $2.75 per swipe, that’s a small price to pay when compared with the monthly overage charges of a traditional debit or credit card machine. This device is tiny and can be simply slipped onto the bottom of your phone or tablet and is very easy to use. Small businesses will be able to keep a record of every transaction they’ve made and can easily email or text their receipts to the client.


So how should you get started if you are a small, independent retailer? If you don’t already have an online and social media presence, consider getting one immediately since people love to be able to buy items through the internet as well. Promote your items – as well as when you will be selling stock in-person – through social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram and make sure to mention that you have the capability to take debit and credit now. Then simply show up to your next event knowing that you can take whatever money comes your way. Feels great, doesn’t it?

If you travel a lot to promote your small business, this can wreak a lot of havoc on your smartphone and tablet. Since your device is also how you conduct your company and promote your work, you should consider investing in proper protection. While technology can seem so sophisticated, we often forget that it is incredibly vulnerable to the cold, finger oils, liquid spills and additional damages. A bulky black case can’t fully protect your device. It can also weigh it down and make it look incredibly ugly. Screen protection has gotten a recent makeover thanks to stylish smartphone and tablets skins from online retailers. These high-end covers form an airtight barrier between your device and the outside world and are made of top-of-the-line 3M vinyl. They are easy to remove, wipe down and replace back on your smartphone and tablet. And best of all, they come incredibly cool colours, patterns and designs for the fashion-forward business owner.

If you’re interested in purchasing a skin for your smartphone or tablet, check out the latest selection of vinyl skins from dbrand. This company is known as the “boss of vinyl skins” and offers a variety of options for many generations of the iPhone and iPad. With your new Square capabilities and brand new protection, you’ll be the coolest independent retailer in town.