As all good things come to an end (or not so good in this case), 2020 is ending too. With a new year around the corner, it’s time for email marketers to gear up and serve the best in the last.

A new year is all about good vibes and anticipation of everything better: the vibes, the deals, and all the hopes of prosperity, peace, and progress. When it comes to marketing, New Year serves as the perfect sweet spot to build the broken bridges with the dormant subscribers or build new ones with potential subscribers. The new year is the period to introduce and promote your brand’s latest offerings in the market.

Today, I bring some of the best New Year emails that I have compiled to help you nail your New Year email marketing strategy. To give a clear idea, we’ll decode each example and see how it stands apart and why it is included to our list. So, let’s get cracking.

The yearly update

When you are as big as Google, you have all the data in any user world. Well, what do you do? You create an exhaustive email that inculcates amazement, wonder, and nostalgia at the same time. Because who does not want to look at the places they traveled to or shopped from? If the subscribers want some privacy, the email also gives them the option to stop being tracked and delete the data.  

Brand: Google

Subject Line: 🌎 Smiles Davis, your 2019 update

Source: Really Good Emails

Year at a glance/Review/Nostalgia

What’s a better way to engage subscribers than to have a look back at the passing year with them? That’s what this email from Unsplash is all about. From showcasing the highlights of the entire year, it also urges the readers to send their memories, thereby enhancing brand communication.

Brand: Unsplash

Subject Line: A Year In Review

Source: Really Good Emails

Walking into the new year

Well, that’s a comprehensive email. From depicting the excitement of walking into a new year to expressing gratitude to the contributors, it does it all and that too flawlessly. Since it is text-heavy, the background colors have been toned down.

Brand: Today

Subject Line: Tomorrow #12 – Tabs of a decade past, p̶r̶e̶s̶e̶n̶t̶, and future

Source: Really Good Emails

The Last Deal

Brand: Tock

Subject Line: Smiles Davis, make delicious plans this NYE 🎉

New Year is all about celebration and anticipation, and this email from Tock rides that wave quite well. The image takes center stage and directly conveys the message. The copy is well-supported by the body text, and the CTA is neatly placed as well. The different background color helps readers differentiate between the two sections of the email.

Source: Really Good Emails

New Year Sale

Brand: Postable

Subject Line: New Year Sale ⭐ This Weekend ⭐ 25% Off!

The following example is a simple yet strongly communicating email. The motive is to promote the New Year sale and the email does just that with ease. It is a rare example where minimalism is not confused with a bare-bones approach. I like the color code as well.

Source: Really Good Emails

Excitement for the upcoming year

Brand: REI

Subject Line: Anything but bland

Well, this email is a visual-science masterpiece. Despite being image-heavy, it has a lot of whitespace and very subtle text to divert your attention towards the different tours that the mail is talking about. The colored background gives it a distinct appeal, and different sections with specific CTAs are on point from a user experience point of view.

Source: Really Good Emails

Making an impact all year, every year

Brand: MDsave

Subject Line: Friend, thanks for a great 2019!

Your branding and messaging matter a lot, especially when you are in the healthcare industry. And that’s exactly what the following email has nailed. This mail from MDSave talks all about the impact it made and that too with tangible numbers for better understanding. It also includes an overview of the major healthcare policy changes that happened throughout the year.

Source: Really Good Emails

Creativity and Personalization: Nothing goes better than this!

Brand: Ulysses

Subject Line: Ulysses News

This email might be old, but it’s an apt depiction of how personalization in emails never goes out of fashion. Adding your brand’s resolution in the email copy does two things right absolutely. First, it brings in that ‘New Year’ vibe to the email, giving that ‘now factor.’ Second, the readers would find it very relatable, so everyone is having or hoping to have some New Year resolution.

Source: Really Good Emails

Design at its best

Brand: Postable

Subject Line: Holiday Thanks 💝

The below example is the perfect example of how email design can elevate the appeal of your entire email. The design language is in line with the messaging of the email. Notice how the CTA still stands out despite using a strong color code.

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrapping up

So, these were some of the most impressive New Year email examples which I came across recently. Each one revolves around the same event, yet how different they are in their own right. Because email marketing is all about personalization.

You can draw inspiration no matter any number of emails but make sure to add a touch of personalization to the one you create.