After losing the case in UK against Samsung and the recent order to repost the apology to its rival on the website, Apple had to taste another loss regarding the Facetime patent infringement trial.

A federal jury in Texas has ruled against Apple in its patent fight against VirnetX Holding Corp, and ordered the fruit company to pay, $368.2 million for infringing VPN technology  patents in Apple’s Facetime video calling function.

Microsoft had already faced the wrath of VirnetX in 2010 and had to pay the latter $200 million in settlement. Now, it is Apple’s turn as it was accused by VirnetX for infringing 4 of its patents concerning VPN. The lawsuit targeted 4 of Apple’s products, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac computers which use facetime function. The fruit company had denied to all of these accusations. The VirnetX  patent case involves using a domain service to set up VPN, via which the owner of a website can talk with their consumers in a more secured way. It has accused Apple for infringing this patent and claimed $708 million in damages. Apple denied these accusations.

A lawyer who represented VirnetX said that Apple has never paid fairly to VirnetX for years now. Apple retaliated saying they do not infringe and they did not give their attention to any company’s patents when they are in the process of their system development.

A lawyer representing Apple in the case said, Apple does not owe any money to VirnetX, they are not entitled to money for things they did not invent.

After the verdict, Cawley who represented VirnetX said  the company would file for an order in the court to block the further usage of its inventions. Apple did not comment anything on this issue. More at Buzz2fone