Tablet devices from Apple are available in versions of Apple Mini, iPad 2 and iPad with retina display. These devices are designed for the portability of functions that are present in personal computers. The Apple iPad performs this task by simplifying the features in your PC. For example the storage, it is in the form of a flash memory in the iPad unlike a Hard disk which is present in the computer. Flash memory reduces the capacity of storage but it has processing advantages and improves battery life.

Tech Specs

Flash memory is a kind of erasable memory, it is programmable and a read only memory which allows users to read, edit and erase the data from the storage chips. iPad uses flash technology that is used in flash drives and memory cards for gadgets like digital cameras. Ipad has many flash memory chips in which all the user data and system data are stored.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The flash memory that is present in the ipad can manipulate data in groups of bytes that helps in the increase of processing speed.  The ability to speed up the processing of data is the reason that makes the flash drives very popular. Hence these flash drives are used in devices where the data is changed or updates frequently.  Flash drives save a lot of energy, hence enhances your device’s battery life unlike the hard drive. Though the capacity is increasing and the prices are lowering the flash memory is still expensive than its alternative that is the hard drive.


The storage capacity of the iPad depends on the model you choose. However the storage capacity of the iPad is still small when compared to the Apple computers. The iPad Mini, Ipad with retina display are available for users in 16, 32, and 64 GB models. There is only an 16 GB version available of iPad2. Alterations to the original hardware of iPad for storage capacity expansion is impossible because of the compact design of iPad.

Additional Storage options

Those who love the portability of the iPad but want extra storage option then there many options available. For such users there is the iCloud, a free online storage system from Apple. Every owner of iPad gets a free account on icloud with 5GB space and if it is not enough, more space can be purchased. Users can transfer data to external hard drive via a USB cable or through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This is all about the hard drive of Apple iPad.