These days there is nothing that you cannot do with a Smartphone. Previously mobile phones were for mere calling and messaging, but these days they are high tech gadgets, nothing less of a computer. You just have to name the task and a mobile phone completes it. Smart phones are becoming popular day by day in spite of their heavy price tags and costly data plans. Smart phones are for calling, texting, banking, shopping, entertainment and Gaming of course. Now you do not have to own a computer or a laptop with graphics card for playing games online or offline. You can play great games online on your Smartphone or even download them from the app store and play them whenever and wherever you want.

Almost all the smart phones offer users a wide array of games. The options for gaming range from simple and small affairs to a full 3 dimensional games on much powerful smart phones like iPhone or Android phones. The games available for smart phones depend on the operating system of the phones. Some smart phone platforms have a single access point for game installation like for example, the Apple App Store, whereas other smart phone platforms have more diverse methods and many software repositories. One thing that is common about the smart phones is the games can be downloaded either directly to the device or loaded in to the phone from a computer through a USB cable.


iPhone users can download games only from the Apple App Store. It is the official store games download for iOS devices and iPhones. Users can access the App store on iPhone through a in-built app store program for game downloads on air or with a Wi-Fi connection. iPhone users can browse the App Store and download games from iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your PC and transfer the games downloaded to your phone.

Android Phones

There is a market application for the Android phone users. It is a feature that is pre-installed in the operating system for downloading games and software.  Market games are offered by Google from the Android Market Website. Users can sign in to the website with their Google account and install the software from that site. If you have an active internet connection then the game will automatically install in your Android device.

BlackBerry phones

BlackBerry phones have thousand of games. The official BlackBerry App world website offers users thousands of games, of which most of them are for free. Sites like CrackBerry and BBGeeks too have a wide array of games. Some apps can be directly installed onto your BlackBerry device. You can download the installation files of the game from the BlackBerry browser and initiate the installation process to install them on your phone. Some games need BlackBerry Desktop Software for transferring the game from your PC to your BlackBerry phone, like the ones in ALX format. You can download the software from the BlackBerry Website.

Microsoft Phones

Windows phones have an in-built marketplace app, that allows users to download games and software over the air. Windows phones use the software Zune PC for game transfers from computer to phone. Users cannot play Xbox Live games on their windows phones, however with the Xbox Live app that is pre-installed in the device, gamers can sign in and track their game process. For older Windows Mobile OS users can use Active Sync for game transfers.


These are the ways how you can download and transfer games to your various Smart phones.